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ScalePad + N-able

Manage and monitor your IT operations with N-able and ScalePad

ScalePad’s integrations with N-able products help MSPs oversee their assets, monitor backups and identify risks in their client’s IT environment.

Centralize your asset management with Lifecycle Manager and N-Able

N-able apps are better with Lifecycle Manager

With Lifecycle Manager, you can get even more oversight over your monitoring with N-Able apps. Your clients’ data syncs into our intuitive dashboard where you can see Insights, create Reports, start Initiatives, and more.

No more data duplicates

Our API connection pulls hardware asset information into Lifecycle Manager for accurate, de-duplicated data. You can even include assets without serial numbers. With this data you can automate even more tasks, like reporting, with Lifecycle Manager.
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Backup Radar helps you monitor N-able Cove Data Protection backups

Monitor Cove backups in Backup Radar

Whether you’re using strictly cloud-based or a mix of cloud and physical servers, you’ll be able to add an extra layer of security to your Cove Data Protection backups. Whether you use Cove standalone or integrated with one of N-Able’s RMM tools, Backup Radar syncs your backup tasks via API so you can monitor for trends, no-result status, and more.

All your backup solutions in one place

Backup Radar gathers backup results directly from Cove Data Protection and over 300 other backup solutions. With one place to oversee all your backups, you’ll be able to onboard new clients with ease and spot trends and potential risks sooner.