Lifecycle Manager + NinjaOne

Modernize IT asset management with Lifecycle Manager and NinjaOne

Monitor, manage, and support all your IT assets with one integration

Lifecycle Manager plays nice with NinjaOne with a two-way sync

Sync Ninja for better Insights

Get more Insights from your RMM data as the integration syncs NinjaOne’s RMM solution with Lifecycle Manager. Now you can turn that data into meaningful reports and long-term strategies for your clients.

Accurate data into your Lifecycle Manager

Pull information from workstations, services, and other IT assets straight from NinjaOne to populate your Lifecycle Manager dashboard. Ensure you have the most accurate information on your clients’ IT infrastructure, taken directly from the OEM, for complete vision into their entire IT environment.

Easy onboarding

Bring on new clients quickly and easily with NinjaOne by syncing data from the RMM to Lifecycle Manager to population your asset management dashboards.

Better monitoring

Modernize how you monitor your clients IT environment with an accurate view of their entire environment. Plan Initiatives, have clear oversight, and keep your clients fully up to date.

Unlock hidden insights

Leverage the data from NinjaOne to surface critical asset insights and measure the health of your clients’ IT infrastructure.

Report on infrastructure health

Get a critical view of your clients’ environments with meaningful reports from NinjaOne and Lifecycle Manager that empowers your clients to take action.