Applying Asset Lifecycle Management in QBRs to Elevate the Client Experience


Watch this Master Class

Header image for ScaleUp Master Class with Eric, Bob, and Ann

Watch this ScaleUP Master Class to get advice from two industry professionals that have successfully scaled their MSPs.

Learn how they leverage Lifecycle Manager to do asset lifecycle management and prepare for quarterly business reviews. The goal: to improve client collaboration, drive better outcomes for clients, and deliver an enhanced client experience.

They’ll cover:

  • How long to prepare for QBRs
  • What to prepare for QBRs
  • Lifecycle Manager tools that make QBR preparation quick
  • How to tell a story with Lifecycle Manager
  • Talking to clients about warranty requirements
  • Holding virtual vs in-person QBRs

Hosted by ScalePad’s Eric Torres, joined by Bob Andrews (CEO, Computer Logistics), and Ann Westerheim (President, Ekaru).


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