Unpacking the IT Hero Utility Belt

Recordings of the five-part series

IT heroes like you need to keep your skills sharp and your utility belt stacked with the latest tech.

Gain expert advice about the skills and tools you need to tackle the challenges ahead. Each of the five recordings below features a special MSP guest for real-word learnings.

Hosted by:

Luis Giraldo
CXO of ScalePad, ex MSP owner and Channel Chief

Eric Torres
VP of Channel at ScalePad


Radar: Early Detection for Backup Disasters

No news is bad news for backups. Some MSPs learn that the hard way, but you don’t have to.

In this session we’ll show you how to detect an oncoming backup catastrophe so you can avoid lost time, data, clients, and profits.

MSP Guest: Matthew Moog, Sr. Systems Engineer, River Run
Expert: Rahim Lalani, Solutions Engineer, ScalePad

Playbook: Leading Clients Through the Asset Lifecycle

Managing the asset lifecycle is tricky. And so is the client relationship lifecycle. Even more so when clients tune you out.

Learn to work closely with your clients for better Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), client engagement, and vCIO services.

MSP Guest: Tricia King, Director of Client Success, Vertikal6
Expert: Marnie Stockman, Co-founder of Lifecycle Insights

Map: Exploring the Cybersecurity Compliance Landscape

The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing. Vast. And something all MSPs need to explore.

We’ll look at the challenges you could face and show you the resources you’ll need to navigate them.

MSP Guest: Marc Umstead, President of Plus 1 Technology
Expert: Dan Fox, Co-founder of ControlMap

Drill: Mining Insights in ConnectWise Data

No matter how big your business is — if you use ConnectWise Manage (PSA), this one’s for you.

You’ll learn how to get the data-driven decisions for your business, rather than just going with your gut.

MSP Guest: Trevor Turner, Director of IT, Sales and Service, RK Black
Expert: Aaron Kennedy, General Manager of Cognition360

Multitool: MSP Services in One Neat Package

What does the ScalePad Services Marketplace have to do with saving time and making money?

Find out as we get into the finer details of our services: server and network warranties, Workstation Assurance, and IT Asset Disposal.

MSP Guest: Brendan Cosgrove, COO, TeamLogic IT in Mission Viejo
Expert: Andrew Day, Product Manager, ScalePad

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