From Clutter to Clarity:

CrushBank AI & Cognition360 Reporting for Your ConnectWise Data

Webinar Recording

Brian Mullaney
CRO at CrushBank

David Tan
CTO at CrushBank

Aaron Kennedy
General Manager at Cognition360

Grappling with the ConnectWise Type/Subtype/Item categorization process? Feel like your data categorization is disorganized... even downright dirty? Join us to elevate your MSP's data hygiene, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Let's turn that data clutter into crystal-clear insights.

  • See how CrushBank's AI and Cognition360's comprehensive reporting transforms data.
  • Unlock the power of CrushBank's SmartClassifier to categorize tickets in ConnectWise Manage precisely and efficiently.
  • Understand how clean BI reporting in Cognition360 provides critical insights into hiring needs, ticketing costs, and customer agreements.

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