ControlMap Now Integrates with Lifecycle Manager

Published October 18, 2023
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Evan Pappas
ControlMap Lifecycle Manager

From asset data to compliance controls, MSPs are tasked with providing their customers with the best support for their operational information. To add to the complexity, MSPs already have too many systems and programs, and it takes manual work to integrate these unique applications. 

So, how can MSPs harmonize asset and company data with security operations? 

Enter: A ControlMap and Lifecycle Manager integration. 

Cross-platform collaboration with Lifecycle Manager and ControlMap

Within the ControlMap platform, users can connect to Lifecycle Manager (via their ScalePad account). This enables users to sync both asset data and company data to a robust compliance operations application, streamlining the process for applying cyber security controls to the applied data.

Upon successfully connecting ControlMap to Lifecycle Manager, customer data populates in a dashboard, showing all information in a single view.

This data can then be mapped to certain controls within the ContolMap platform. Moreover, compliance checks for antivirus, warranty, encryption, and patches will indicate whether assets pass or fail. 

ScalePad’s Lifecycle Manager provides dozens of powerful integrations to RMMs, PSAs, and other tools that make MSP life easier. ControlMap now leverages these integrations to ingest company and asset data into the ControlMap platform and apply GRC workflows to this data. 

Why integrate with Lifecycle Manager?

By connecting Lifecycle to ControlMap, users will be able to sync company and asset data from PSA and RMM systems. Savvy MSPs want their unique systems to connect, saving time and modernizing operations. The integration between ControlMap and Lifecycle Manager allows users to leverage data from both systems, attributing assets and company data (within ControlMap) as evidence for their compliance program. 

Additional benefits include: 

  1. Allows users to continuously monitor data and assets, supporting MSPs with assessing risks across clients. 
  2. Automates compliance and audit evidence collection by syncing asset inventories and other asset-related controls from a Scalepad account.
  3. Provides an enormous reduction in effort for partners when ScalePad products work together flawlessly.
ControlMap asset check

Get started with Lifecycle Manager and ControlMap

Integrating both platforms helps MSPs provide a top-tier service to clients. This integration will help build a trusted and reliable relationship with your clients, boosting compliance operations an

Want to get started? Sign in to ControlMap to integrate Lifecycle Manager (via your ScalePad account). Not currently using Lifecycle Manager? Sign up for the Free Edition of Lifecycle Manager today.