New ControlMap Integration: ThreatMate

Published May 31, 2024
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Evan Pappas

Maintaining security to defend against cybersecurity threats is a never-ending process. MSPs have to continually monitor networks, assets, and more for vulnerabilities and close any gaps they find. 

Now, there’s an easier way to monitor clients for vulnerabilities. ScalePad has integrated ControlMap with ThreatMate to automate vulnerability & compliance checks required to achieve and maintain compliance.

What can MSPs do with ThreatMate?

ThreatMate is an advanced attack surface management tool designed to monitor and secure networks from various cybersecurity threats. This comprehensive platform scans both external and internal network environments, including behind the firewall, and extends its monitoring capabilities to cloud services like Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace. By leveraging artificial intelligence  and machine learning, ThreatMate identifies security exposures and creates targeted mission plans for vulnerability remediation, ensuring a secure cyber environment across all connected devices and endpoints.

MSPs that use ThreatMate achieve the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Security Capabilities: ThreatMate equips MSPs with powerful tools to detect and respond to vulnerabilities swiftly. This helps MSPs maintain the integrity and security of client data and systems across multiple clients.
  • Efficient Security Monitoring and Management: ThreatMate automates the monitoring and management of security threats across diverse environments, including internal and external networks, as well as across cloud services like Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace. This allows MSPs to efficiently manage larger volumes of client data and more complex network infrastructures without compromising on security.
  • Improved Compliance and Risk Management: ThreatMate helps MSPs ensure their clients remain compliant with cybersecurity regulations and standards. This compliance is critical in avoiding financial penalties and loss of client trust due to regulatory infractions.

Why integrate ControlMap with ThreatMate?

Integrating ControlMap and ThreatMate allows for automatic collection of scan results by company and mapping to frameworks. It can be configured to run a scan and update the results weekly for continuous checks and updates. 

Collection of evidence –  Once you’ve connected ThreatMate to ControlMap, the connection automatically starts collecting the following data from ThreatMate scans on a weekly cadence:

  • Compliance check results
  • Companies
  • Assets
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Users

Mapping to frameworks – The collected evidence is then mapped to over 50 security and compliance frameworks, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FTC Safeguards, CIS Controls, CMMC, and other frameworks and security standards. Mapping the evidence automatically provides a detailed view of any gaps that need to be addressed. 

Ongoing automatic updates – The ControlMap-ThreatMate integration is not simply a one-time check. ControlMap can be configured to regularly sync with ThreatMate to provide up-to-date evidence & vulnerabilities. This will update the evidence based on the current settings, ensuring that your team is aware of any configuration changes, new risks or gaps so you can take remedial action to maintain compliance. 

Connecting ControlMap and ThreatMate reduces hours of manual data imports and regular reviews. It automatically retrieves, updates, and stores current evidence required for compliance frameworks so your team can focus on maintaining and improving security.

Ready to get started?

Combine the capabilities of ThreatMate with ControlMap now. Login to your ControlMap instance to get started. For more information or a discussion on how to elevate your compliance operations, request a demo.