New Framework in ControlMap: CyberSecure Canada

Published November 16, 2023
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Evan Pappas
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Achieving and maintaining compliance is critical for MSPs and their clients. With the rapid proliferation of security breaches, the need for comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks is critical.

For those located in Canada, there are many frameworks to consider when searching for the best operational fit, and ControlMap has over 35 frameworks built in to support this journey.

The latest framework addition to the platform, CyberSecure Canada, is a  comprehensive standard designed to protect SMBs from the growing threat of cyberattacks, fostering trust and resilience in protecting data and information. 

Let’s unpack the nuts and bolts of this framework and how ControlMap can help. 

Understanding CyberSecure Canada

The CyberSecure Canada framework is a multi-faceted, government-led program aimed at enhancing cybersecurity measures across the country. Launched by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security in 2018, the framework provides a systematic approach to address the complex and evolving challenges of cybersecurity.

CyberSecure Canada certification is divided into 5 Organizational Controls and 13 Baseline Controls to address various components of cybersecurity best practices. With a plethora eLearning resources, MSPs and clients can build their knowledge of the framework and best practices, complete with guides, templates, quizzes, and more. 

The Benefits of CyberSecure Canada

The CyberSecure Canada framework brings several substantial benefits to the Canadian cybersecurity landscape, namely:

Enhanced Cyber Resilience: By following the framework’s guidelines and certification processes, MSPs and their clients can significantly enhance their ability to withstand and recover from cyberattacks. This increased resilience is vital for maintaining business continuity in the face of cyber threats.

Customer Trust: Cybersecurity certification through CyberSecure Canada is a powerful way for MSPs to demonstrate their commitment to protecting customer data. This can build trust among customers, assuring them that their information is in safe hands.

Global Competitiveness: As the world becomes more interconnected, cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in international business. CyberSecure Canada certification can enhance the competitiveness of Canadian MSPs in the global market, as it showcases their dedication to robust cybersecurity practices.

Educational Resources: The framework offers valuable educational resources accessible to anyone interested in bolstering their cybersecurity knowledge. This not only helps MSPs and their defense against cyber threats but also promotes a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Get Started with ControlMap

With ControlMap, MSPs are well ahead on their compliance journey. CyberSecure Canada is built into our robust security compliance platform, supporting the compliance journey with automation from start to certification and beyond. 

Ready to get started? Login to ControlMap or book a demo to talk with our compliance experts. We are here to support your CyberSecure Canada voyage.