ControlMap Now Integrates With Nodeware

Published November 30, 2023
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Evan Pappas

Need complete visibility of your network assets and vulnerabilities? There are many tools and resources MSPs can leverage to scan their network environments. These tools provide MSPs with early insights into potential security threats and vulnerabilities. 

With ControlMap, MSPs are well-prepared for creating effective compliance programs to decrease the risk of security breaches. Now, MSPs utilizing ControlMap can take their compliance operations to the next level with a new integration. Say “hello” to Nodeware. 

What is Nodeware?

Nodeware by IGI CyberLabs is a continuous vulnerability management solution that helps businesses reduce their cyber risk. Tailored for MSPs, Nodeware offers a multi-tenant dashboard, streamlined deployment (under 30 minutes), internal/external IP address scanning, a complete asset inventory, and detailed vulnerability data with actionable remediation guidance.

Why did ControlMap integrate with Nodeware?

Nodeware has a proven track record of supporting businesses, including MSPs, by scanning their environments for vulnerabilities. Developed by cybersecurity practitioners, Nodeware combines new device recognition with continuous vulnerability scanning, enabling MSPs to easily discover all assets, monitor their networks, identify security gaps, and access detailed reports. This supports MSPs in their compliance journey and protects their networks. 

What can MSPs do with Nodeware?

Using Nodeware’s capabilities, MSPs can collect customer feedback to better measure their service level. Nodeware provides:

  • Around-the-clock scanning of network environments with no scheduling required
  • Confidence that the data you’re seeing is never more than 24 hours old 
  • Complete visibility of network assets and vulnerabilities
  • Detailed remediation guidance to remove the vulnerability and coming soon, the ability to patch or remediate directly from within the Nodeware interface
  • Detailed reporting and scoring for better decision-making

Moreover, Nodeware can help meet compliance requirements for NIST Data Gathering, CIS 18 Controls 1 and 7, and other security frameworks. 

How does it work with ControlMap?

ControlMap connects Nodeware using public APIs. MSPs need to be current users of Nodeware to leverage this powerful integration. Upon connecting both technologies within ControlMap, MSPs can sync company, asset, and related vulnerability data to the platform. This creates a streamlined process for compliance operations. From keeping track of vulnerabilities to presenting evidence for audits, this integration provides users with the ability to elevate their compliance journey and boost their security posture.

Additional key benefits: 

  • Provides MSPs the insights they need to proactively mitigate security risks.
  • Reduces the risk of breaches by providing visibility to weaknesses.
  • Instantly present evidence of vulnerability scans during audits.
  • Apply compliance workflows to data collected from vulnerability scans.
    • Example: Create risks associated with assets or assign CIA values to assets. 

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