ScalePad + Kaseya

Superior IT management with ScalePad and Kaseya

Eliminate inefficiency and automate asset management and backup monitoring

Unlock Hidden Insights with Lifecycle Manager and Kaseya

Manage all your clients’ IT assets efficiently

Support your clients IT environments with Kaseya’s PSA and RMM solutions and Lifecycle Manager, and gain a singular view into your entire tech stack. Uncover hidden risks before they become a problem for your clients.

Save time and scale your business

Reduce the manual efforts to get your clients’ IT assets into Lifecycle Manager through our API integration with Kaseya’s products. With time saved, you can focus on strategically planning the future with your clients.

Work in BMS Without Drowning in Backup Tickets

Automate your workflow

Backup Radar connects directly with the Kaseya BMS professional service automation platform. This helps MSPs fully automate their backup ticketing workflow across all backup products, saving time and money while reducing human errors.

Customize your ticket profiles

Flexible ticketing profiles can create tickets in the appropriate queue with the proper status, priority, type, subtype, item, and source. Our intelligent ticketing system can alert on failure by creating the ticket immediately to ensure any high priority backups do not get missed in your BMS workflow, while ensuring you only see what’s important. Everything you need, and only what you need.