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TechPath Boosts Staff Profitability by More Than 12% in One Year with Cognition360

Published September 15, 2023
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Evan Pappas

Managing the growth of your business is a tough task. MSPs need to preserve or increase profitability, while also reinvesting back into their business. 

TechPath, Brisbane’s largest MSP, projected up to 30% revenue growth in 2020, which offered them a big opportunity in the coming year. 

With customers across Australia and New Zealand, TechPath took on the challenge of scaling up.

To get the job done, TechPath’s Service Manager Dan Rutter used Cognition360. In fact, Rutter said the tool was a massive leap forward for his process to gather data and create reports.

“We’re still early in our journey with Cognition360, but already we’re getting great bottom line benefits from increased visibility and timeliness,” he said. “Before Cognition360 I’d spend about two days each month building reports on my two most important metrics: Agreement Profitability and Staff Profitability. Now the whole process takes a couple of hours, or less.”

The old reports, put together manually, only showed Rutter where they were at the end of each month. It was just a snapshot in time. Now, Cognition360 gives them day-by-day statistics, giving them more data for decision making. 

“As a result, Agreement Profitability is up by more than ten percent compared to last year,” he said. “Staff Profitability is up by more than 12% – mostly from increased accuracy of time reporting and better tracking and realization of the work done for customers.”

Custom dashboards make working with clients is easier than ever

Rutter said Cognition360 has allowed TechPath to get reliable service and support, with any requests done within 24 hours. This has given them confidence to move onto bigger projects. Projects that give account managers a consolidated dashboard that will act as a ‘single pane of glass’ when working with clients. 

The customer dashboard will give TechPath’s account managers all the data they need right at their fingertips: 

  • Progress against budget
  • Analysis of spend over the past 12 months
  • Number of tickets per user
  • Ticket resolution times compared to industry benchmarks.

“This is very exciting. It means we can work with our customers in a true partnership – continuously tuning their services to support their changing business needs, showing value, and strengthening our customer relationships – while at the same time increasing our bottom line profitability,” he said. 

With Cognition360, TechPath is equipped to make better business decisions as they navigate their growth in the coming years. More informed decisions lead to improved service for clients, and better bottom line results for the business itself.