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INFIMA now integrates with Lifecycle Insights

Published September 7, 2023
Lifecycle Insights, INFIMA, Security Awareness Training, data security

Security has become one of the most important factors for MSPs and their clients. Despite time and effort put into strong data security measures, human error can still be a common cause of a data breach.

ScalePad is excited to announce that Lifecycle Insights Partners now have a way to reduce the possibilities of security breaches through integrating with INFIMA.

INFIMA brings easy security awareness training to your MSP with a 3-click automated process. It cuts down on manually running training and reduces security related service tickets.

The Lifecycle Insights integration with INFIMA enhances your team’s visibility into your clients’ Security awareness training performance.

Now, MSPs can quickly highlight their clients’ riskiest users and create client reports directly in Lifecycle Insights, strengthening security training and compliance conversations during strategic conversations and QBRs.

What makes INFIMA different?

INFIMA simplifies and streamlines security awareness challenges for MSPs. It offers Office 365 and Google Workspace integrations, so MSPs can onboard new clients in just three clicks. You’ll cut hours-long processes down to minutes. 

INFIMA merges the latest insights on security and behavioral science to test and train every one of your end users. All of this happens without your team having to lift a finger.

Every curriculum maps back to your white labeled security awareness training policy, designed to align with every major framework including NIST, CIS Controls, HIPAA, and PCi.

What can MSPs do with INFIMA?

MSPs can train their end users on the latest cyber threats while aligning their learning objectives to major security regulations and frameworks.

MSPs can test your end clients’ users with simulated phishing attacks that are taken from the best of those out in the wild.

With INFIMA, every step is fully automated. This means start to finish is done – creating, sending, tracking, and reporting of every training course and every simulated phishing attack. 

How does it work with Lifecycle Insights?

Access security awareness performance for each client to identify areas for improvement. Partners can view the phishing click-rate and overall training status for each end client. 

Easily drill-down by individual user to see who is up-to-date on training and who may need a refresher based on phishing results. 

MSPs can also confirm users are enrolled in INFIMA and those who aren’t through a simple color coded table to ensure no end-users miss any required security training.

Getting the data is great, but transforming that into actionable steps is what makes the INFIMA integration with Lifecycle Insights so powerful. It provides actionable intel to vCIOs and Account Managers so they can have the necessary conversations with clients to identify where they are on their security journey and keep them secure.

Ready to get started? Sign into Lifecycle Insights and integrate INFIMA today.