Lifecycle Insights Now Integrates With Hook Security

Published January 11, 2024
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Evan Pappas
Lifecycle Insights Hook Security

ScalePad is excited to announce that Lifecycle Insights Partners now have a way to help their clients reduce the possibilities of security breaches through integrating with Hook Security.

The integration enhances your team’s visibility into your clients’ security awareness training performance.

Now, MSPs can quickly highlight their clients’ riskiest users and create client reports directly in Lifecycle Insights, strengthening security training and compliance conversations during strategic conversations and QBRs.

What makes Hook Security different?

Hook Security is a psychological and behavioral science software provider focused on solving two distinct issues in the security awareness training industry. They create effective training experiences based on the latest psychological research, and provide access to businesses of all sizes.

Hook believes fighting cybercrime starts with your people, so they aim to create security awareness training that employees actually love. They create personalized training experiences to effectively train employees on security awareness.

What can MSPs do with Hook Security?

Hook Security provides the complete toolkit for any company to create a healthy security-aware culture. The platform includes everything MSPs need to train end-users to mitigate end-user risks including:

  • Phishing simulations
  • Security awareness training content
  • Learning management system
  • Reporting
  • And more.

MSPs can use the platform to implement a comprehensive security awareness program to train clients quickly and easily, reduce phishing vulnerabilities, and effectively monitor ongoing risk in clients. 

How does it work with Lifecycle Insights?

On a client level, MSPs can access the security awareness performance in More Reports or Report Builder to identify areas for client improvement. Partners can view overall phishing click-rate and overall training status for each end client.

Easily drill-down by individual user to see who is up-to-date on training and who may need a refresher based on phishing results. 

Within the Lifecycle Insights, client security training information is synced in from Hook Security including the

  • Employee name
  • Email
  • Phishing clicks
  • Phishing open rate
  • Training status

MSPs can sort and filter the data to identify clients’ employees that may require more security training to keep their organizations secure. Constant follow-up to remove risk creates an overall stronger security posture for each client. 

MSPs can also confirm users are enrolled in Hook Security and those who aren’t through a simple color coded table to ensure no end-users miss any required security training.

Getting the data is great, but transforming that into actionable steps is what makes the Hook Security integration with Lifecycle Insights so powerful. It provides actionable intel to vCIOs and Account Managers so they can have the necessary conversations with clients to identify where they are on their security journey and keep them secure.

Get started with Hook Security and Lifecycle Insights

Integrating both platforms helps MSPs provide a top-tier service to clients. This integration will help build a trusted and reliable relationship with your clients.

Want to get started? Sign in to Lifecycle Insights to integrate Hook Security. Not a Lifecycle Insights Partner? Book a demo today.