New ControlMap Integration: Breach Secure Now

Published April 2, 2024
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Evan Pappas

Quiz time: What is the biggest security risk for organizations? You guessed it: employees. 

Now, there’s an easier way to assess employee risk and map it to your compliance program. ScalePad is excited to unveil the latest integration for ControlMap: Breach Secure Now. This integration brings new insights to MSPs and vCISOs looking to bolster their client’s security posture.

What can MSPs do with Breach Secure Now?

Breach Secure Now provides visibility to training status across clients, MSPs can bolster their client’s cyber resilience. Here are some of the key benefits of leveraging the platform for MSPs: 

  • Reduce risk. Employees are frequently the target of cyberattacks. By implementing a solution to train and monitor employees of clients, Breach Secure Now addresses the biggest vulnerability for most organizations. 
  • Scoring. MSPs can score clients based on the training they have completed, providing the insights needed to address vulnerabilities. 
  • Learn more about how Breach Secure Now can support your MSP here

Why integrate with Breach Secure Now?

With Breach Secure Now, MSPs can monitor security training within the ControlMap platform and map employee training data directly to compliance controls. This helps MSPs (and their clients) streamline the collection of evidence for audit prep, saving hours of work. 

How does this integration work?

This integration is tailored for partners of ControlMap who either currently utilize Breach Secure Now as their access security tool or are seeking to diversify their toolset with Breach Secure Now’s capabilities.

With this integration, ControlMap users gain the ability to seamlessly sync employee training data from Breach Secure Now directly into ControlMap. This includes:

  • Company data 
  • Users of each company
  • Training detail of each company’s user

ControlMap connects to Breach Secure Now through public APIs, facilitating smooth data synchronization between the two platforms. MSPs can leverage this integration by having an existing account with Breach Secure Now, enabling ControlMap to pull people and security training data directly into the compliance platform. 

Ready to get started?

Combine the capabilities of Breach Secure Now with ControlMap to demystify the relationship between security training and security compliance. Login to your ControlMap instance to get started. 

For more information or a discussion on how to elevate your compliance operations, request a demo