ScalePad Achieves SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 Compliance

Published April 24, 2024

ScalePad is proud to announce SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliance certifications for its products Lifecycle Manager, Lifecycle Insights, Backup Radar, and ControlMap. This milestone reinforces ScalePad’s unwavering dedication to upholding the highest data security, privacy, and integrity standards for its global customer base.

Our downloadable SOC 3 report for ScalePad covers Lifecycle Manager, Lifecycle Insights, ControlMap, and Backup Radar.

SOC 2 Type II compliance verifies that ScalePad’s systems and processes safeguard Partner data against unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. Similarly, the ISO 27001 certification demonstrates ScalePad’s commitment to implementing comprehensive information security management systems, encompassing policies, procedures, and controls to manage and protect sensitive information.

“Cybersecurity isn’t just a box to check; it’s a guiding principle,” said Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad. “Achieving SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliance reinforces our commitment to maintaining and continuously improving our security measures. This commitment to rigorous standards demonstrates our dedication to enhancing security practices in response to evolving threats.”

“Elevating security posture while cultivating trust is at the heart of what cybersecurity compliance is all about,” said security compliance expert Dan Fox, who also works as a lead in cybersecurity education for Scalepad’s ControlMap team. “ScalePad’s commitment to security and protecting our partner ecosystem is emphasized through the implementation of best practice frameworks such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001, thanks in part to ControlMap, our Security Compliance management solution used by thousands in the MSP community, including ourselves.”

Furthermore, SOC 2 Type II compliance provides a higher level of assurance that data is being protected consistently over time. By undergoing a thorough Type II audit, ScalePad identifies and addresses potential security risks and vulnerabilities, mitigating the likelihood of data breaches and financial losses. Additionally, ScalePad’s compliance with SOC 2 Type II standards supports its Partners’ efforts to maintain regulatory compliance across various industries, including GDPR and HIPAA, by providing evidence of robust security and privacy controls.

For more detailed information about ScalePad’s commitment to product security, including our Security Whitepaper, please go to

How did ScalePad do it?

Quickly and painlessly – ScalePad used our own product, ControlMap, to simplify our journey to cybersecurity compliance. The same multi-tenancy and templated frameworks that can help your MSP get your clients compliant helped ScalePad rapidly get multiple products compliant across two different-but-complementary frameworks.

Using ControlMap’s automated evidence collection functionality, the audit required for SOC 2 Type II compliance and the surveillance audit for ISO 27001 was straightforward. The controls, policies, and procedures were already in place, along with automated monitoring of dozens of integrated systems. 

ControlMap provides ScalePad with a single platform to manage everything compliance-related internally at our organization and can enable you to do the same for your MSP’s clients. Whether you already work with clients in regulated industries or aspire to expand your service portfolio to include compliance services, ControlMap gives you the tools to get compliant yourself and to generate recurring revenue by helping your clients along their compliance journey.