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Warranty Master is Now Lifecycle Manager!

Looking for Warranty Master? You’ve found us.

We’re no longer just a warranty lookup tool, and we needed a new name to reflect that. Lifecycle Manager is the client engagement platform that automates data collection and visualization, helping MSPs and IT service providers reinforce their position as strategic advisors.
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The warranty lookup tool that started it all

Manually searching for warranty dates is soul-crushing and time-consuming. Lifecycle Manager automatically pulls warranty information from 40+ OEMs, consolidates the data in one place, and visualizes the data in client-friendly formats. Sound familiar? We used to be called Warranty Master.

Accurate, Deduped Data

Instant Client Insights 

Roadmap Planning

Jargon-Free Reporting

Get the most out of your RMM & PSA data

Lifecycle Manager integrates with 30+ tools in your stack. You automatically get accurate, de-duped data you can actually use.
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Get hardware data from 40+ major players

Copying and pasting serial numbers all day is a pain in the assets. Access real-time, accurate, and up-to-date warranty data from all top manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, and more in Lifecycle Manager. 
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Welcome to modern client engagement for MSPs

Finally, super-accurate data

Lifecycle Manager automatically pulls data from your RMM, PSA, and more. Accurate and de-duped hardware, software, and warranty data is delivered in one pane.
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Visualize budgets, timelines, and priorities

With Roadmaps, you can create technology plans up to 5 years in advance. The client-ready presentation mode lets you collaborate with clients in real-time to develop a plan that works for their business and yours.
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Insights for driving strategic planning

Waste less time searching for aging and risky client assets. Lifecycle Manager automatically surfaces critical issues so you can focus on solving problems, not finding them. Get insights you can take action on in a few clicks. 
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Reports that talk tech for the people that don’t

Communicating risk doesn’t have to be complicated. Show clients the issues in their environment with simple, ready-made, and easy-to-understand reports.
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