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IT Asset Lifecycle Management

See into the asset lifecycle for better management

From gathering asset data to proposing a replacement, you can manage the IT asset lifecycle with Lifecycle Manager.

Keep current, accurate records

The most essential part of IT asset management is knowing the status of your client’s infrastructure at any given time. Lifecycle Manager provides a complete overview with detailed asset data from API integrations and OEMs.

Keep tabs on risks

Are you waiting for a ticket to discover and mitigate problems? Impress your clients by becoming a risk-identifying strategic partner. Insights bring problems to the forefront of your dashboard and Scorecards help you communicate risks to your clients.

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Extend the asset lifecycle with warranties

Out of warranty hardware is a risk — but that doesn’t mean it’s time to replace it. Simply give them a warranty refresh. Procurement is easy through Lifecycle Manager, where you can quote, set markups, and purchase all within the dashboard.

Timeline of an IT environment

Tracking the status of your clients’ IT environments over time reveals the impact of your services. Leverage DMI trends to show the impact of your work. This also reveals which clients require more attention as their infrastructure ages.

Generate Revenue

Use Roadmaps to help clients plan their budgets around IT upgrades, warranty renewals, replacements, and more. Generate new revenue and maintain existing revenue by collaborating with clients on long-term planning, up to five years in the future.

How to Elevate the Client Experience with ScalePad Strategy

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