Backing up and managing your clients’ data is a must for every MSP. For many, Dropsuite is the go-to solution to keep email, Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, and Google Workspace backed up and accessible. 

ScalePad is excited to announce that our Backup Radar integration with Dropsuite has expanded to include Google Workspaces. Now Dropsuite users can bring all their Dropsuite backups into one location for monitoring alongside any other workstation or  server backups your MSP may have for clients. 

With this integration, Backup Radar users can get a quick status look at their clients’ Google Workspace backups in Dropsuite.

What can MSPs do with this integration

By integrating Dropsuite, MSPs can monitor and report on all client backups in their environment. Dropsuite is one of our partner’s favorite tools thanks in no small part to their support for cloud-based backups for email, Microsoft 365 and 365 GovCloud, QuickBooks Online, and Google Workspace.

Backup Radar will surface all successful, failed, and no result status updates. This provides MSPs with the ability to spot trends, remediate, and report on client backup health. Backup Radar’s ability to surface backups that generate “no result” can be a life saver for MSPs who might not see that a backup generated no notification at all.

Why did Backup Radar integrate with Dropsuite

Backup Radar Partners using Dropsuite are able to monitor cloud-based backups of their clients’ Google Workspaces and rely on Backup Radar’s comprehensive monitoring as a key part of their efficient backup workflow.

This enhanced integration with Dropsuite helps MSPs reduce risk to clients while maintaining efficiency, freeing up time to deliver a top-class experience to clients, and strengthen their client relationships. With Dropsuite and Backup Radar, clients can trust that their MSP has their data backups safe and secure. 

Get started by signing into Backup Radar and integrate Dropsuite today. 

Efficiency and transparency in backup monitoring is non-negotiable for MSPs. 

Having the ability to share within your business means you’ll hit your efficiency goals. And exchanging information only makes for a better working relationship for everyone involved. 

Backup Radar’s customizable dashboards allow MSPs to improve their monitoring capabilities. 

Bring all your information from over 300 backup integrations into one dashboard. This will save hours of staff time every week in monitoring costs.

Dashboards are an essential tool to help monitor and address critical issues. This enables you to maintain a healthy, secure environment for your clients.

Now we want to make it easier to bring your clients’ into the backup strategy. That’s why Backup Radar has introduced dashboard sharing.

MSPs can now exchange data and insights with their clients. This enables 

Elevate your trust with clients by being transparent about their backup environment. Clients gain a deeper level of visibility into their backup systems. And it will instill confidence in your business’ abilities. 

Dashboard sharing will help keep clients in the loop. This will improve satisfaction with your service and increase collaboration between you. And that only helps lead to a better customer experience.

What is dashboard sharing?

To help increase collaboration, we’ve added the ability to share dashboards directly with clients and co-managed accounts with the new share feature. 

The share feature generates a URL specifically for access to your chosen dashboard. With these URLs you can send specific dashboards to technicians inside your business or directly with clients. 

By having this function, it reduces the need for additional users on your backup monitoring system, but still allows for others to see what is happening.

Use these dashboards to communicate risk with your clients, or share insights with your internal teams.

How does dashboard sharing work?

To share any dashboard from inside Backup Radar, select the dashboard you wish to share and click to generate a sharing URL. You can also send an email notification to your client right from the app itself.

Benefits of sharing dashboards

MSPs will now be able to directly show clients their backup environment quickly and easily. Getting a client up to speed with accessible information can help keep everyone involved informed before meetings. 

With informed clients, meetings around backups can be tailored to only the most important tasks and quickly addressed. 

Engaging clients with an inside look into their backups can also lead to better strategic planning. If a client is looking for cyber security insurance, or needs to meet a data security standard, backup monitoring status needs to be accessible and documented. 

MSPs can work with clients to address any existing security vulnerabilities or backup errors that might exist in their business. 

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