Dashboard and Audit Screens

Keep an eagle eye over all your data backups

Fully customizable views of your entire backup environment.

Dashboards with all the right data

With over 300 integrations, Backup Radar’s dashboards give you one place to check your client backup health, regardless of what’s in your stack. Once configured, you’ll have a full view of your clients’ environments and backup results at a glance.
Backup Radar is simple to set up and maintain. It has saved us 2-4 hours of technician time per day. It has improved our backup checking processes across our whole client base, and given our management team a tool to easily track and verify backups.
Phil Cuykendall
Sr. Systems & DR Engineer, Warren Systems Group

Take inventory with the audit screen

Check the Backup Radar audit screen to help you spot anomalies or trends across your backup results. This macro-view shows the status of your backups over time so you can look for weak points before complete failures occur.

“No Result” Status

“No results” monitoring alerts you to the absence of a backup status. When things don’t go as planned, we help you get a step ahead so you can find the root cause sooner.

Fine-tuned customization

Tailor your Backup Radar dashboard to fit your unique workflow and client base. View by client, device, job or other tags so you can group related results.

Increased Efficiency

Avoid spending valuable technician time manually sifting through backup results. Take control of your time and focus on projects that add value for your clients.