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Our Culture

When you step into ScalePad, you're entering a world of movers and shakers who live and breathe our core values of Build Trust, Find a Better Way, Masterful Experience, and Enjoy the Ride. Trust is the foundation that holds us together while pursuing a better way. It fuels our relentless drive, and we're living proof that the 'Future in Harmony' is not just a dream; it's our purpose.

Our Core Values

The values we live by each and every day

Build Trust

We build trust by collaborating with respect and empathy. We’re dedicated to building trust with one another and with our Partners.

Find a Better Way

We’re always looking to find a better way to create an environment where we can focus on delivering our highest value.

Masterful Experience

Let’s create a masterful experience together. We’re here to deliver, build, and create for our rocketeers, products, and Partners.

Enjoy the Ride

Lastly, enjoy the ride! Love what you do. Have fun with it. Embrace and preserve the culture we’ve built and grow with us.

Employee Testimonials

Voices from within ScalePad

Christy Strickland

Partner Success
I came to ScalePad through the acquisition of another company. This can be a bit scary, but the ScalePad team made this a masterful experience.

Rogan Young

Product Development
It's not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to climb aboard and be challenged, I promise you’ll enjoy the ride and have some fun along the way.

Justin Nguyen

Revenue Operations
Rarely do opportunities like this arise, but when they do, they have the power to transport you to new horizons and empower you to achieve the unimaginable.

Amartya Chattopadhyay

Partner Development
My tenure at ScalePad has afforded me an understanding of the intricacies of this ever changing industry, and I am appreciative of ScalePad for affording me a platform for personal and professional development.

Ola Witukiewucz

ScalePad has continued to surpass my expectations in the best way possible! The company embodies values I align with, and they are put into practice by our senior leadership team!

Sandra Rauda Abrego

My time at ScalePad has been amazing! I have grown so much and advanced within my first year. The company culture is thriving! I feel very connected to my team, even in a hybrid work environment.

Alex Novikov

An incredibly supportive and dynamic workplace where, from day one, I was able to actualize my ideas and help shape the trajectory of new hires.

Paige Morford

Product Marketing
Innovation. Hustle. Flexibility. ScalePad is a place that allows me to think creatively, move fast, and fix things - all while offering a schedule that works for me.

Laura Belton

Product Marketing
Working with some great people while being empowered to explore opportunities to develop my skills is what has made working at ScalePad great.

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