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Exploring team dynamics and expertise

Partner Development

Join the Partner Development team to spread the word about ScalePad’s ever-evolving suite of products. Think of yourself less as a sales person and more of a teacher as you show Partners how ScalePad can bring value to their clients.

Partner Success

Become the go-to for our Partners as a member of the Partner Success team. Deliver an unmatched level of excellence as you manage the Partner lifecycle experience, from onboarding to ongoing relationship building.


Join the Product team if you’re ready to achieve the perfect balance in the product trinity: value for our Partners, nailing business goals, and ensuring our wildest dreams are technically and operationally possible.


Create from your keyboard on our Development team. This team is constantly innovating alongside the Product team, whether it’s in-person at our development studio in Montreal or remotely across Canada.


Collaborate across teams dedicated to their marketing expertise: digital, product, events, content, creative, and communications. The jokes fly as fast as the work does, so make sure to bring your A-game for gif and emoji reactions.

People and Culture

People and Culture are the safeguards and champions of our unique, masterful Rocketeer experience. Our people are ScalePad’s most powerful tool, so this team ensures they’re our first priority. They’re also expert party throwers!


Our Finance team keeps the dollars and cents in order. They keep the cash flow flowing from accounts payable and receivable to your very own payroll — no shortchanging on their watch!


Every ship needs a captain, a first mate, second mate… you get the idea. Our outstanding leadership plots a course for our Rocketeers to follow, ensures each department knows their role, and provides visionary support.

Leadership Team

Our top-tier leadership team is chosen for their exceptional skills and hands-on approach

Dan Wensley

Chief Executive Officer

Dan is an accomplished Channel Chief and has built a trusted reputation in the Partner ecosystem. Aside from being a pioneer in the MSP software market, he also helped guide the industry as a former board member of CompTIA. As the CEO of ScalePad, Dan’s focus is to bring innovative solutions to the MSP market.

Chris Day

Founder and Chief Product Officer

Chris is a recognized technology leader, strategist and investor. He has been actively involved in the MSP industry since 2002 having led, acquired and exited multiple businesses. Through his investment firm, Chris has created and invested in several high-growth software and services companies. As chairman of the board, Chris oversees the long-term strategy and execution at ScalePad.

Ryan Sigouin

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan comes from a 20-year career in the MSP space with experience as an Owner, Senior Executive, and Investor. He was instrumental in helping to build two of Canada’s strongest MSP brands, where he led multiple large teams across an expanding national footprint. Ryan brings seasoned merger and acquisition experience with a successful track record of leading numerous integrations prior to joining the ScalePad team.

Denes Purnhauser

Chief Strategy Officer

Denes has spent 15+ years in multiple industries and companies of varying sizes, learning about building and executing growth strategies. Over the years, he has assisted in revolutionizing how MSPs interact with their clients, deepening his passion for making organizational transformations by combining People, Processes, and Technology. Denes brings this experience to ScalePad as Chief Strategy Officer as he assists with achieving our strategic objectives. He also ensures transparency and accountability by leading and managing cross-functional initiatives and digital projects.

Chantelle Turton

Chief of Staff

Throughout her career, Chantelle has supported the growth of high-performance teams. She enjoys partnering with dynamic leaders to simplify work, engage people, and deliver results. Working closely with leadership and their teams, Chantelle is dedicated to attracting the best candidates and helping them realize their full potential.

Jean-François René

Chief Technology Officer

Jean-François has spent over two decades working in fast-paced, early stage technology companies. As CTO, he leads ScalePad’s product and engineering teams. Always eager to disrupt the status quo through innovative technology, Jean-François attributes much of his success to his unyielding passion to helping partners succeed.

Luis Giraldo

Chief Experience Officer

A veteran of the MSP industry, Luis helms ScalePad’s Partner Success organization. Over 15 years of owning and operating his own technology companies have developed Luis into a consummate IT professional and strategist. He is a popular speaker, and provides thought leadership to the IT service provider community.

Francois Deschamps

Chief Financial Officer

Francois brings 15 years of experience scaling SaaS and e-commerce companies, as well as M&A experience working with entrepreneurs and private equity firms. He is an operational leader with a broad understanding of software businesses and their growth and efficiency drivers. Throughout his career, he led & executed on over $100M in equity & debt financings, and successful sale processes.

Eric Torres

VP, Channel

With over 15 years’ experience in the technology industry, Eric helped build a top-tier MSP in Milwaukee, WI, where he was also a Datto Advisory Board member. As VP, Channel, he brings expertise in business continuity and the MSP community, accompanied by a passion for educating the business community on the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape.

Steve Sanghera

VP, Partner Development

Steve brings more than 20 years of industry experience and is strongly focused on aligning and positioning ScalePad’s product portfolio for our Partners. He possesses the rare combination of proven sales experience and leadership principles that center on inspiring teammates and fostering collaboration and productivity, to drive the collective team forward.

Matt Waters

VP, Marketing, Demand Generation

Matt is an accomplished marketing leader who has driven transformative growth in global organizations. As a change agent, he is adept at fostering a collaborative, cross-functional approach to align the business, creating masterful customer experiences. With over 20 years in the technology sector, he is focused on expanding MSPs’ engagement with ScalePad and connecting them with the solutions that can drive their business growth.

Sandeep Kumar

SVP, Finance

As a CPA with over 10 years’ experience in various industries, Sandeep has worked with publicly traded and privately held companies. As CFO, Sandeep oversees the capital structure of ScalePad and is an integral part of our financial future.

Adam Hert

VP, Product

Adam is an accomplished product leader with a history of creating innovative solutions in the IT space. He is focused on outcomes for customers delivered through easy to use solutions. Adam is always striving to bring customers closer to the product and engineering teams and build innovation through collaboration.

Our Founders

Anthony Day


Anthony has developed some of the most highly respected MSP-centric software solutions available today. Working alongside his brother Chris, he most recently co-founded ScalePad, which has evolved into one of the fastest growing platforms in the MSP ecosystem. Anthony is very passionate about security, automation and catalyzing masterful user experiences.

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