MicroAge Swift Current Saves More Than 10 Hours a Week with Backup Radar

Published July 19, 2023
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Evan Pappas

Using Backup Radar, MicroAge Swift Current can monitor backup status faster than it takes to finish their morning coffee.

What happens when your backups don’t run and no error notification is sent to your MSP?

For most MSPs, it leads to lost data and a dissatisfied client. But for MicroAge Swift Current, an MSP based in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, they can trust their backups and notification system thanks to using Backup Radar.

Now they save time, money, and their clients’ data.

MicroAge, an eight employee MSP, has had their own experience with non-functioning backups and notifications, which led them to find Backup Radar.

This solution brought them more than just a reliable backup process, it saved hours of time and money for the business.

Bryan Bonifacio, Service Technician, and Carol Beyer, Service Coordinator, address service tickets and monitor backups for MicroAge Swift Current, serving small to medium sized clients across southwest Saskatchewan.

Bonifacio and Beyer said Backup Radar has drastically improved their workflow, securing them against the dangers of missed backups and lost data.

The backup problem

MicroAge Swift Current tracked backups through emails and spreadsheets. The major issue with email notifications is that nothing is sent unless a success or failure is registered. A “no result” backup can easily be missed since it never generates a failure notification.

In one instance, a big client asked for a file to be restored, but when looking for the data MicroAge found that backup had not run for three weeks. The failed backups were unreported.

“All they could do was either go from an older file or a file version that was newer… We weren’t able to do anything. Fortunately, that didn’t devolve into a catastrophe. However that was a significant annoyance for them. It’s one of the motivators for us to find a way to make things more efficient,” Bonifacio said.

Bonifacio doesn’t worry about that when using Backup Radar. Notifications are automatically tracked and updated in a single dashboard. Backups that don’t generate a failed result are still flagged, allowing MicroAge to trust that they will never miss another backup.

Backups over breakfast

By automating backup monitoring, the time it takes each day to track and report errors is substantially minimized. Now Beyer said backup status reviews can be done by the time she is finished drinking her morning coffee.

The manual backup monitoring process took at least two hours per day, more than 10 hours a week. The slow process led to delays for both Beyer and Bonifacio’s other responsibilities, taking up the time they could be using to more effectively provide value for the MSP.

If an employee is paid a $60,000 salary, 10 hours per week ends up costing the MSP $14,976 each year.

With those 10 hours a week back, an MSP charging $150 and hour for labor service would end up generating $6,000 per month.

If that employee works 49 weeks in a year, the new revenue coming in comes in at $73,500 per year.

When MicroAge found Backup Radar, the value it offered in completely automating that process was obvious.

“I glance at [Backup Radar] when I’m having my morning coffee. That’s how easy it is,” Beyer said.

Money saved, money earned

With Backup Radar’s automated monitoring integrated into their workflow, those hours spent on backups can now be dedicated to tasks that drive progress for the MSP. Beyer can get back to product sales and warranties and Bonifacio gets more time to work on service tickets for clients.

Far more than 10 hours every week is now available for work with clients to generate new revenue and preserve existing revenue streams by providing a higher level of service to their clients.

“Because we’re caught up on backups I can work on the most pressing tickets at the most productive times in the day. I don’t have to be interrupted. I can be done with it, and bill it and go to the next service ticket, finish that bill. There’s more billing going on because there’s a lot less time being used for backups,” Bonifacio said.

Get your backup monitoring done before you finish your morning coffee

MicroAge Swift Current drastically increased the value of their service using Backup Radar to automate their workflow.

MicroAge Swift Current upgraded their workflow to continue delivering high-quality, accurate, and trusted service to clients. The benefits include:

  • Comprehensive ticketing
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Always see “no result” backups
  • Staff time used more efficiently to generate new revenue
  • Significantly improved service ticket response

Discover what benefits Backup Radar can bring to your MSP.

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