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Discover why MSPs consider Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar as the most valuable apps in their stack. 
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Data Backup and Recovery

Better backup monitoring for a quicker data recovery process

Centralized and automated monitoring saves time, reduces human error, and adds protection to your clients' backups. Now you can be sure backups are ready when recovery is needed.

Go from client chaos to centralized calm

It can be overwhelming to manually check the status of clients’ data protection across different backup platforms. Create a central hub for your backup workflow by integrating Backup Radar with the platforms you already use. Now your team can look to one dashboard and know exactly where your backups stand.

Get ahead of potential threats

It’s not enough to react to data backup threats and perform data recovery. MSPs need to proactively identify vulnerabilities to protect their clients and their reputations. Trend analysis reveals areas at risk of failure, like backup jobs that report “no results” instead of a simple complete or incomplete. Now you can remedy these small issues before they become big problems.

River Run is Securing Data and Creating Revenue with Backup Radar

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Monitor backups in minutes

Skilled technicians can spend hours checking dashboards and needless tickets — time better spent on getting to the root causes of failures. Save time by checking a single dashboard, only reviewing actionable tickets, automating reports and leveraging templates.

Cut through the noise to reveal risk

Data backup risks can easily hide in day-to-day ticket noise. The sheer volume can be overwhelming, and the potential for human error is daunting. That’s why Backup Radar only sends actionable intelligent ticket, or email, alerts for backup jobs that need your attention. More of what you need, less of what you don’t.

The MSP Guide to Successfully Managing Backups

The best way to establish and maintain trust with your clients is through meticulous process and transparent communication. That’s why the most important thing an experienced MSP can do is implement and leverage comprehensive processes to protect, and if needed, quickly restore client data.
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