Ratcliff IT Provides Better Service With Automated Backup Monitoring

Published June 22, 2023
Evan Pappas
Ratcliff Backup Monitoring

Maximize billable time by minimizing time-eating tasks.

Keeping up with client backups is a priority for London-based MSP Ratcliff IT. It’s important work, but it was taking too much time. 

Every morning the staff will sit down to look through backup status and service desk tickets. 

The problem: spending hours on backup checks each week was not a good use of time. It got in the way of running a responsive MSP, maximizing billable time, and the service clients really care about.

James Ratcliff, managing director of Ratcliff IT, wanted a way to keep — and even improve — the security of backup checks but reduce the time needed to check them. 

He found a way to save that time by automating backup monitoring through Backup Radar.

Automating the backup checks gave hours back to the staff. With more time back in their hands, the Ratcliff IT team can focus on client success, IT and cyber security consulting, and asset management. 

That focus on asset management is also a reason why Ratcliff IT uses Lifecycle Manager. Improved asset management makes it easier for MSPs to host more engaging client meetings. Ratcliff IT has improved the way they consult and advise their clients with Lifecycle Manager.

The invisible value of backup monitoring

As an MSP invested in proactive management of IT, Ratcliff IT has seen first hand why backup monitoring is important. 

While onboarding new clients, Ratcliff IT regularly saw how no active backup management made businesses vulnerable to data loss.

Being able to provide a trusted method of backup management can make the difference for prospective clients. 

Security of data is paramount to keep clients operational, allowing them to successfully run and progress their business. Data security is also an important factor for compliance with legal regulations and protecting a client’s reputation.

Proactive action to protect backups is critical in IT management. Backup monitoring is a cornerstone of that process, Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff gains visibility into Backup Monitoring

Automated backup monitoring improves workflow

Automating backup monitoring was a way for Ratcliff IT to create a streamlined and standardized process. Not only are manual backup checks time consuming for staff, but they are also open to human error. 

On time sheets, they saw hours going into backups checks which could have been spent talking to clients. That’s part of the reason why he looked for a backup monitoring solution and found Backup Radar. 

With automated backup checks, the team can do better work.

Ratcliff believes his team’s value is understanding and translating client needs to a technological perspective. Being the bridge between business and technology.

Automating backup monitoring

Proactive asset management brings value to clients

Part of that better service is assisting clients with their asset management. They use Lifecycle Manager to generate a hardware renewal report and bring warranty expiry dates to clients.

Ratcliff IT meets with clients to discuss where their business is going in the next 12 months and beyond. With the hardware reports, Ratcliff approaches client review meetings as an opportunity for consulting and advice. 

The warranty dates allow clients to avoid surprises and know which hardware will run out of warranty coverage in the coming year.

With this knowledge, they can plan and budget for warranty renewals ahead of time. Proactive management helps clients avoid surprise expenses when they have a hardware issue. This also gives clients the confidence to reinvest in their business technology.

“Our client meetings are technical business engagements. We’re not there to sell. At the same time, technology doesn’t stand still. There’s often investment required that will help propel their organization. We know that by being engaged and having the proper conversation with our clients, that they tend to make those further investments and run a better business.”

The power of communication

For Ratcliff, the value of communication is proven in his relationships with clients. In fact, he refers to communication as their superpower.

Being responsive and proactive lets Ratcliff IT do the human things that clients want and need. 

Automated backup monitoring and asset management give Ratcliff IT more time to deliver better service. 

With more time in the hands of staff, MSPs deliver better service.

Ratcliff IT’s staff now has more time to provide high quality backup and asset management for clients.

Ratcliff IT upgraded their workflow to continue delivering high-quality, accurate, and trusted service to clients. The benefits include:

  • Comprehensive ticketing
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Always see “no result” backups
  • Staff time used more efficiently to generate new revenue
  • Significantly improved service ticket response

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