Fortinet now integrates with Lifecycle Manager

Published October 19, 2023
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Evan Pappas

Asset management can be a huge challenge for MSPs of all sizes. That’s why so many use Lifecycle Manager as a way to automate the monitoring process and keep track of workstations, servers, and networking devices. 

Automated asset monitoring saves your staff time and your business money, by keeping accurate records of everything in your clients’ IT environment. 

Now, Lifecycle Manager is integrating with Fortinet’s FortiGate Cloud service to allow Partners to more effectively and efficiently track their Fortinet networking devices. 

FortiGate Cloud is one of our Partners’ primary tools for tracking their clients’ network devices. With this new integration, Lifecycle Manager is expanding to give MSPs a more holistic view of their clients’ assets. 

What can MSPs do with this integration?

Or better yet, what can MSPs stop doing with this integration?

Prior to this new integration, Lifecycle Manager Partners were required to manually add Fortinet FortiGate Cloud networking devices manually to their PSA. Once devices were added, we would bring this device information back into Lifecycle Manager. We understand that while the method worked, it wasn’t very scalable for MSPs managing several clients with dozens to thousands of assets, so we found a better way to do things.

This integration will also enhance MSPs’ ability to track warranty information and the ability to push this data back into their PSAs and RMMs via a two-way sync. This has been highly requested by Lifecycle Manager users.

By integrating both services, MSPs can see a comprehensive view of their clients’ assets all in one place and, of course, significantly faster and easier.

Devices tracked include:

  • FortiGates (next-generation firewalls)
  • FortiSwitch (network switches)
  • FortiAPI (network access points)
  • FortiExtender (5G, LTE, and Ethernet capable network extenders)

Why did Lifecycle Manager integrate with FortiGate Cloud?

FortiGate Cloud is a premier provider of networking devices to MSPs and managing these devices is essential to delivering superior service to clients. The ScalePad Way is to automate as much mind-numbing work for our MSP Partners as possible, so they can focus on what’s important.

Also, FortiGate Cloud was a highly requested integration by Lifecycle Manager Partners. Our in-app “Feature Request” board received hundreds of requests to include network device warranty information and hardware details into Lifecycle Manager. You asked, we listened.

Get started by signing into Lifecycle Manager and integrate FortiGate Cloud today.