ScalePad adds Microsoft Surface PCs to its Assurance Service

Published April 2, 2024
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Evan Pappas

ScalePad now supports Microsoft Surface PCs as part of its Workstation Assurance extended warranty service inside Lifecycle Manager for US-based Partners. Coverage for Surface devices was in high demand by Partners and their customers. 

“The ability to offer Workstation Assurance as a service for Microsoft Surface devices is a huge win for our Partners,” said Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad. “The MSP community has asked us to add support for Surfaces — we’ve listened, and our team worked to make it happen. Adding coverage for Surface devices to Workstation Assurance provides our Partners with an additional  multi-million dollar revenue opportunity and increased value to  clients.”

According to a Mordor Intelligence report (Surface Computing Market Insights, n.d.; 2024), the total Surface computing market is expected to grow from $81.94B in 2024 to an estimated $370.58B by 2029, with Microsoft as a dominant player in this space. As clients transition from traditional desktop workstations to mobile devices like Microsoft Surface PCs and pricier AI laptops, MSPs have sought ways to protect their clients’ investments. Adding protection for Surface PCs to ScalePad’s Workstation Assurance service closes a potential gap for MSPs and their clients.

ScalePad’s Workstation Assurance product solves three challenges for MSPs: complete protection and replacement for client devices, streamlined in-app warranty procurement and service requests, and the opportunity to generate revenue beyond device replacement. Workstation Assurance includes accidental damage protection, and with the addition of Microsoft, it now protects devices from over a dozen different OEMs. 

“Thousands of ScalePad partners use Lifecycle Manager to manage, protect and extend the service life of IT assets,” stated Wensley. “Adding extended protection for Surface PCs to our Workstation Assurance service is just another way we help MSPs manage and mitigate risk for their clients by providing cost certainty, and extending the useful lifespan of these devices is the right choice for the environment too.”

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