Introducing Lifecycle Manager for Client Engagement

Published May 15, 2024

Meet the new Lifecycle Manager — a unified place to assess, plan, implement, and measure meaningful changes for your clients. 

With Lifecycle Manager for client engagement, MSPs of all sizes can improve the quality and productivity of their interactions with clients, including QBR/vCIO preparation and managing the entire client lifecycle at scale. We’ve made it possible to cut QBR prep to minutes, not hours, so all MSPs, regardless of operational maturity, can reinforce their position as a strategic partner to their clients with efficiency and professionalism. 

“It’s super-exciting for us to bring a platform to market and iterate that platform to solve the rapidly growing challenges of being an MSP in this highly competitive industry,” said Chris Day, ScalePad Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Rallying around their biggest asset — their people, both within their organization and their clients — to drive positive change and true impact is essential to scaling an MSP and retaining happy clients,” he continued. 

The new Lifecycle Manager includes an updated interface, enhancements to existing features, and game-changing additions to bring client-focused tasks to the forefront, helping you improve client experience and reinforce your position as a strategic partner. Here’s a closer look at what you get in the new Lifecycle Manager: 

Get to client details faster 

We’ve overhauled the dashboard to prioritize client activity. Elements such as the Client tab now sit along the top of the dashboard, saving you time with a more efficient client-focused workflow. These small yet mighty changes help streamline how you keep a pulse on the technology health of all of your clients.

Familiarize yourself in seconds

Become an expert on every one of your clients. Our enhancements to the client strategy dashboard give you a central hub for engagement and strategy on a client-based level. The information you need to inform your next QBR or vCIO meeting is at your fingertips.

Complete tasks without switching apps 

The new client strategy dashboard lets you log meeting notes, store and update key contact information, and publish Action Items that can be automatically submitted as tickets in your ConnectWise Manage PSA. With these updates, we’ve eliminated the need for toggling between your PSA, notebooks, and other tools for tracking and executing meeting follow-up tasks.

Streamline how you create and share technology plans 

We think getting buy-in from your clients on strategic initiatives should be easy. With a new layout that integrates Initiatives into Roadmaps, you can create crystal-clear plans that are easy for non-technical clients to understand and view at a glance in the day-to-day maintenance of client experience. 

You can plan up to five years on Roadmaps, which our Partners love for helping their clients prepare their budgets and anticipate what comes next. By bringing Initiatives into the roadmap view, we’re helping you create those plans ever faster by simplifying the workflow. You can drop new Initiatives into existing Roadmaps, letting you respond quickly to client needs and maintain accurate work plans. 

New sharing tools let you publish and send customizable Roadmap PDFs, giving you control over the level of detail displayed and a real-time presentation mode for screen sharing. 

When everyone understands, everyone wins

The new Lifecycle Manager enables MSPs of all sizes to communicate efficiently using a simplified data-driven approach with their clients, encouraging trust and collaboration on strategic initiatives.

“You know you’ve achieved successful client engagement when your clients start saying yes to the obvious things that are better for them (and by proxy, you),” said Day. “It’s when your team and your clients are on the same page about what is happening now, what needs to happen, and how you will get there together.” 

We’ve made it possible to prepare for your next strategic conversation in a few clicks. Try out the new Lifecycle Manager today.