Lifecycle Manager now integrates with Breach Secure Now

Published December 4, 2023
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Evan Pappas

Cybersecurity is one of the most important things MSPs need to consider in their service. With cyber threats more present than ever, making sure a client’s employees are secure can save businesses a lot of money and time. 

With more cyber attacks focusing on less secure small-to-medium sized businesses, MSPs need to ensure clients are training their employees to security standards.

Training your client’s employees in security measures can be the difference between a data breach and secure operations. 

That’s why Lifecycle Manager is integrating with Breach Secure Now, the channel leader in cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance training.

Why Integrate with Breach Secure Now?

By integrating Lifecycle Manager with Breach Secure Now, MSPs can now monitor security training from a single location.

Breach Secure Now offers in-depth training and security monitoring features to MSPs. The training features make it easy for MSPs to manage, automate, and empower employees to bolster defense of their data.

Employees are encouraged to become cyber secure by seeing how they play a role in their businesses’ security. 

What can MSPs do with this integration? 

Now, MSPs can manage their clients’ assets and people in one place. 

All you need to do is sync data into Lifecycle Manager from Breach Secure Now and data will populate in the People tab of the Client Strategy dashboard.

On the new People tab, MSPs are able to see a list of clients’ employees that include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Role
  • Breach Secure Now phishing clicked (number of clicks)
  • Breach Secure Now security training (% complete)

*Note for partners that do note have Breach Secure Now integrated, only the Name, Email, and Role columns will be populated if they exist in an integrated system.

MSPs can sort and filter the data to identify clients’ employees that require more training to keep the business secure.

They can also view Security Insights on the Client Strategy Dashboard including:

  • People who have fallen for a simulated phishing
  • People with incomplete security training

Note for partners that do not have Breach Secure Now integrated, these Insights will not be populated.

Breach Secure Now benefits for your MSP

The new integration saves MSPs time by automatically populating training results in Lifecycle Manager. This allows staff to prepare for client meetings with comprehensive information on a clients assets and the people that use them from one, easy to use, app.

Clients can maintain a better security posture and expand the visibility of their clients beyond assets, including people and security.

Get started today by signing into Lifecycle Manager and integrate Breach Secure Now.