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ScalePad’s all new IT Asset Disposal service is here

Published September 29, 2023

Disposing of old hardware can be a time-consuming process for MSPs. The effort required to go through the disposal process can lead many MSPs to put it off. That’s why so many MSPs end up with the dreaded “back room” full of old hardware.

On top of that, MSPs are stuck using prehistoric methods for data destruction. Now MSPs have a modern solution to clean out those stockpiles and solve this age old problem.

ScalePad is proud to announce our new and improved IT Asset Disposal service. The asset disposal service in Lifecycle Manager now does all of the heavy lifting for you.

What’s new with ScalePad’s IT Asset Disposal?


IT Asset Disposal is now free for our Lifecycle Manager Pro users based in the United States (on a current term subscription). There are no hidden shipping charges, no upcharges for white-glove service on bulk disposals. You book it all in-app, so disposal is now easier than setting up a local pickup.

Support for Additional Asset Types 

We’ve expanded support beyond just workstations. IT asset disposal now supports workstations, servers, tablets, hard drives, switches, network devices, IP phones, monitors, scanners, and UPSes. No more need for a parallel disposal process; we handle it all.

Full Service IT Asset Disposal Option (white-glove bulk disposal)

If disposing of more than 30 assets, you will now have a “full service” option where we’ll coordinate to have someone come onsite, bring any necessary packaging materials, equipment, and even help collect and pack up loose equipment. You don’t have to worry about shipping labels for full service – the shipping company will bring these onsite at the scheduled pickup time. 

From acquisition, to maintenance, and now disposal, MSPs can have full control of their assets without taking on huge operational effort.

This full set of new features allow MSPs to take control of their assets and provide better service to customers.

What can MSPs do with IT Asset Disposal?

Create new revenue

With ScalePad’s IT asset disposal, you aren’t just saving money, but creating opportunities to generate new revenue. With efficient disposal, your team can focus on projects that create revenue. Because asset disposal is free, MSPs can earn revenue by including it as a line item for all new assets (like a recycling fee), or by adding a disposal fee as part of the replacement process for end-of-life assets. 

Secure data destruction

ScalePad provides a validated certificate of destruction at the end of the process. MSPs can trust that any data on the assets is being erased to NIST 800-88 standards. The certificate can be viewed in the Lifecycle Manager dashboard once the process is complete. All assets are disposed of at an R2 certified facility, ensuring that data is disposed of effectively. 

Fill a forest, not a landfill

Help contribute to the reduction of e-waste all while disposing of your old hardware. ScalePad has partnered with veritree to plant a new tree for every asset disposed of. Lifecycle Manager even tracks the amount of total trees your account has planted, as well as other stats, right in the dashboard.

How does it work?

In the Disposal tab in Lifecycle Manager, identify all the asset types you want to dispose of and if disposing in bulk, select the service type: self service or full service. Then all you need to do is schedule the time for pickup. Once assets are disposed of, you can generate a certificate of disposal.

Want to get started? Sign into Lifecycle Manager to begin your first free disposal order.