Now Integrates With Lifecycle Manager

Published September 20, 2023
SuperOps and Lifecycle Manager now integrates with Lifecycle Manager.

Managing the ins and outs of daily operations can be a difficult task. With many tools and processes, MSPs can have their hands full trying to track everything.

To help MSPs get the most out of their tools, Lifecycle Manager now integrates with is a unified PSA-RMM platform. That means it has the functionality of two of the most critical pieces of software MSPs use daily. 

How does work?

With, MSPs are able to use RMM functions, such as:

  • remote access for asset management
  • patch and software management
  • alerts and policy controls

All the technical work needed for clients’ devices. 

They can also use PSA functions such as: 

  • service desk ticketing
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • contracts and quotes
  • documentation unifies all these features into a single platform, improving ease of use and clarity. MSPs no longer have to use a confusing combination of several old tools to keep operations running.

Why integrate with

Both and Lifecycle Manager users have wanted to integrate the tools. We are happy to announce this integration to answer those needs. 

Now partners can leverage the functions of both platforms together. By doing so, MSPs can make the operation and management of their business easier than it ever has been. 

SuperOps dashboard

Lifecycle Manager uses data in to surface critical asset insights. And then it helps to measure the health of client infrastructure. 

Within Lifecycle Manager, you can access data to: 

  • monitor warranties and assets
  • write warranty dates back to your RMM
  • create reports to help clients understand their IT infrastructure.

Lifecycle Manager also pulls workstation, software, and other IT data from to populate the dashboard. MSPs can be confident they are making informed decisions with accurate data reflected across both monitoring platforms.

Get started with and Lifecycle Manager

Integrating both platforms helps MSPs provide a top-tier service to clients. This integration will help build a trusted and reliable relationship with your clients.

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