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Backup Configuration Templates

Template, tweak, and test your backup monitoring

From onboarding to ongoing maintenance, you can keep backup monitoring data organized with customizable backup configuration templates.

Onboard new clients’ backups quick

Keep everything clean and simple as you add clients and their backups. Automatically activate backups as they’re added into Backup Radar, ensuring continuity in monitoring while you transition new clients to your preferred standard applications.

Make global changes

Be the change you want to see in your backup world. With backup templates, you can quickly make changes in how backups are monitored. Rules let you change globally across all tenants, or just those that meet the criteria you want. No more manual misses or annoying busy-work as you optimize.
We look at what we can automate today. You can only do so many things well as a human, and people assume things, and we saw the real risk of error. We found that Backup Radar was the only solution.
Harry Boyne
Co-Founder & Technical Director, Chalkline

Template configurations

Template configurations let you monitor backups by setting up pre-selected attributes for your backup workflow. These can be applied across the board for onboarding, or be specific to clients or backup vendors.

Template rules

Once you’ve created a template configuration, you can determine template rules. This set of attributes determines which backups should be applied. Rules keep consistent standards client-to-client that save you time and reduce potential errors.

Test before you template

Test your new template before applying it to your clients’ environments. Backup Radar will double-check to ensure there are no conflicts within the rules in your templates.