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Data Backup Trends

Get ahead of risks with tools to identify trends in data backups

Catch vulnerabilities before they become threats, eliminate manual work, and be proactive with remediation efforts by analyzing data backup trends.

A single dashboard for peace of mind

Moderating backups can make even the best techs go cross-eyed. Fortunately, intelligent automation mitigates the risk of missed backup issues. By pulling all your data into a single color-coded dashboard, Backup Radar helps your team see potential failure points across multiple clients or similar devices.

Switch from spreadsheets to audit screens

Spreadsheets for auditing client backups are tedious, error-prone, and make it difficult to find device-level trends. With the Backup Radar audit view you can see backup result trends in a simple red-amber-green-blue (No Results) system. This makes it easier to identify trends, share learnings, and take action.

Upfront Investment Results In Long Term Payoff

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Demonstrate your expertise

When everything is running smoothly it’s difficult to show how well your data protection measures are working. Reporting shows the whole picture to your client, so you can point out trends that may need to be addressed. With on-demand and scheduled white-labled reports, Backup Radar helps you convey your backup monitoring efforts to your clients.

Give clients sweet dreams of protected data

Compliance and security are top of mind for clients and MSPs alike. Part of compliance is actively looking for trends and gaps in security. Backup Radar’s color-coded dashboards help you analyze trends to spot those gaps and issues. Pinpoint why these trends are occurring and remediate the root cause to stay above and beyond compliance needs.