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MSPs - Which Metrics Matter Most?

Track the right metrics with the right tools to get the most out of your ConnectWise PSA data. 

In our guide, we break down the top 8 business metrics every MSP needs to manage — all based on conversations with real MSP owners and operators. Tracking these metrics will help you identify the areas where your business is efficient and areas where it needs some work. Once you have a baseline, you can proactively address inefficiencies to improve your business's overall health and profitability.

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Your ConnectWise PSA data is full of insights that will elevate your business. But this ticket data is only helpful if you track the proper KPIs with the most effective tool for the job — a tool that monitors, analyzes, and presents your data in an easy-to-read, actionable report. Once you have these insights and truly understand problems within your business, you can work on solutions.

Ask The Right Questions

Simple questions such as “What’s our average ticket response time?” and “How much time did we spend with that client?” can lead you down a complex rabbit hole of data analysis as you search for insights. But, with the right tool, you can have that data at your fingertips. This makes it much easier to ask the right questions, identify inefficiencies, and take action.

Establish a Baseline

Once you have “baseline” data for how your metrics should look when your business is healthy, you only have to manage the outliers. This approach will change how you manage your MSP day-to-day and ensure you focus your time and effort on the most high-leverage tasks where you can have a positive impact.

Monitor The Right Metrics

Team utilization rates, first-touch resolution, ticket kill percentages, agreement profitability margins — where are you supposed to start? Taking the first step can be difficult due to the complex nature of this data, not to mention the sheer amount of available data. 

That’s why we’ve narrowed down the list to highlight 8 metrics every MSP should monitor. By tracking these metrics, you can better understand your business’s day-to-day efficiency and overall health. This helps you address inefficiencies today and proactively address issues that may occur in the future.

So which metrics matter most?
And what’s the best tool for monitoring these metrics?

Read our guide to find out.