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Cognition360 Customer Service App Install

This Cognition360 Customer Service App has been provided to set up your PowerBI environment so that Cognition360 can automatically deploy new workspaces and reports. In this article you will perform:

  1. Download the Customer Service App
  2. Register the PowerBI App in Azure
  3. Authenticate the App with Azure
  4. Send your Application / Client ID to Cognition360

Step 1 - Download the Customer Service App

You can perform this from any workstation with Internet access (you do not need to be on a server).

  1. Click the link here: Cognition360 Customer Service App
  2. Download the app to your Windows workstation

Step 2 - Register the PowerBI App

  1. Open your Web browser (Microsoft Edge recommended) and enter URL
  2. Login with administrative user
  3. Select 'Next' button
  4. Complete the form fields:

Application Name: Cognition360 PowerBI Update Application
Application Type: Native
API Access: check 'Select All' option
Select 'Register' button

This will register a new application with your Azure Active Directory. If successful a pop-up window will appear and provide an application id (sometimes referred to as a client id) and the ability to copy it.

Step 3 - Authenticate the App with Azure

Now that the Power BI application has been authenticated with your Azure Active Directory, the next step is to perform an initial authentication with the application / client id.

From step two you should have the application / client id.

  1. Copy/paste the Application ID into the App:
  2. If it is a valid ID, the Authenticate button will now be active.
  3. Press the Authenticate button and login as requested.
  4. Once Initial Authentication is complete a message box will appear, press OK to remove.

The Cognition360 PowerBI Update Application is now registered and authenticated with Azure!

The Cognition360 PowerBI Customer Service Applet can now be closed.
(Ctrl-X, File -> Exit or close button)


Step 4 - Send your Application / Client ID to Cognition360

  1. Copy/paste the same Application ID from Step 2 below.
  2. Fill out your contact info and hit Submit