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Invest in Insights for Your Business

Tiered pricing is based on the number of PSA users in your organization.


from as
low as

for up to 25 PSA
users per month

Stop going with your gut and become data-driven. See what’s moving you ahead — and what’s holding you back.
  • 130+ interactive reports on key operational and financial business metrics
  • Profitability reporting that drives profitability
  • Trend analysis on all reporting
  • Drill down from the report to get to root causes
  • Industry benchmarks to compare performance
  • Goals based on your data
  • Star schema dimensional data model minimizes load on your production server
  • Dashboards keep important stats visible
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Backup Radar



Surface hidden risks and opportunities in your backup process with Backup Radar.
  • Centralized backup console supporting 300+ backup applications
  • Intelligent ticketing support for ConnectWise Manage
  • Direct API integration with ConnectWise
  • Pre-scheduled and on-demand reporting
  • 2FA & multiple SSO options
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Cognition360 is optimized for ConnectWise Manage (PSA)

Your MSP must be using ConnectWise PSA, either hosted in ConnectWise’s cloud or on-premises.
Are there any other minimum requirements for using Cognition360?
The Cognition360 magic is in the data transformation that happens in our data warehouse. We use PowerBI, a Microsoft product, to display reports in an easy-to-use, digestible way.

Each unique Cognition360 user will need to have a PowerBI license.
How is Cognition360 pricing structured?
Cognition360 is priced according to the number of active users in your ConnectWise PSA. The majority of our costs come from the processing, storage, and presentation of data entered by users, so we have tiered pricing based on the number of PSA users.

An “active user” is any user within the PSA with regular activity, which we define as users making any changes to a database. Downstream/Streamline users generally enter a lower amount of data, so we count these at 50%, and we do not count API users (unless there's a rare scenario where our team has identified a large amount of data coming from an API account).
Can reports be customized to meet my organization’s specific needs?
Right out of the box, our reports meet the overwhelming majority of our partners’ needs — no custom work required. That said, if your organization needs something unique, our reporting is as flexible as it is powerful. Self-service and professional services options for customization are available. We’ll discuss this with you during the onboarding process as we help you get set up.
I’ve heard there’s a 30 day guarantee — how does that work?
Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee for Cognition360. Our only requirement is that your organization needs to complete onboarding to be eligible. Otherwise, no other catches, no hassles.