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Backup Radar

Backup Radar + Arcserve (StorageCraft)

With the integration of Backup Radar and Arcserve (StorageCraft) ShadowControl, see client backup health at a glance, uncover unreported backups, and keep clients in the loop with reports.

What is Arcserve ShadowControl?

ShadowControl® delivers a central monitoring and management console for ShadowProtect® SPX, ShadowProtect, and ImageManager™ operations. With complete visibility into all your MSP backup software, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your backup jobs are running smoothly and that you can remedy any issues before they affect business operations.lly streamline a company's operations.

Why Backup Radar + Arcserve?

Ensure your disaster recovery doesn’t fail
StorageCraft is MSP backup software that backs up and replicates your systems and data as part of a disaster recovery plan in the cloud or locally. Monitor those backups with Backup Radar to ensure data is protected, safe, and secure.

An integration that’s part of your disaster recovery plan
While getting the backups complete is important, ensuring they are successful is critical. Monitor all your backups from one portal in Backup Radar by integrating all your ShadowControl  MSP backup softwarebackups into our solution and mitigate the risks of a backup failing at the worst time. With a direct API connection to ShadowControl, Backup Radar has you covered.

Configure multiple backups from all you MSP backup software
Take full control of your disaster recovery plan with multiple backups of systems and data. Backup to the cloud or local devices to ensure data isn’t lost.

Verify backups are completed
See verification of backups, whether they are completed, failed, or no result, from within Backup Radar’s dashboard. Easily spot failed results to take immediate action.

Compliance and security
Maintain the highest levels of compliance for your most important clients by letting Backup Radar keep a watchful eye on your ShadowControl backups.

Analyze trends
Look for trends in your ShadowControl backups to see if certain backups are failing or not reporting, and run analysts with full reports to ensure you have full control of your clients backup situation.

How to integrate Arcserve + Backup Radar?

We made it easy to integrate the  MSP backup softwaretools you use every day. All you need are your API keys, and in a few clicks, you will be ready to streamline backup monitoring and ticketing with ShadowControl. Follow our step-by-step guide in the Help Center.

Want to consolidate and automate monitoring of your Arcserve data backups?

We’ll show you how easy it is to get backup monitoring insights by integrating ShadowControl and Backup Radar.
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