Client Acquisition

It’s time to take on more clients

Quickly put your processes in place, get new clients on your standards, and remove manual work. Take the pain out of onboarding clients and scale up your MSP business.

Let skilled techs do skilled tech work

Find the time in your technician’s schedule to take on new clients by automating the clients you already have. With automated backup monitoring and ticket consolidation, technicians are no longer doing repetitive manual tasks. Now their schedule has room for interesting work and additional clients.

Show value to your clients by being proactive

Set your MSP apart and get ahead of the game by focusing on evaluating trends and building strategy. By reducing manual work, you’ll have more time to dive into trends in your clients’ backups in order to offer proactive risk mitigation strategies.

Scaling Up: How Backup Radar Fits into Air IT’s Rapid Growth Strategy

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Integrate with multiple backup systems

New clients aren’t on your standard backup applications yet. But with integrations to 300+ leading backup solutions, Backup Radar allows you to take on new clients without changing your processes. No matter what backup system your client uses, you’ll be able to easily monitor it on your single dashboard view.

Onboard new clients with ease

Bringing on new clients shouldn’t be challenging. Backup Radar helps you streamline with a templated onboarding process. Support your new clients with a quick and easy set-up, adding them to your monitoring dashboard in minutes.