ScalePad’s Automation Solution Handbook
Discover why MSPs consider Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar as the most valuable apps in their stack. 
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Backup Policy and Compliance

Adhere to backup policies and exceed compliance needs

Rest assured that unknown threats are on your radar. Maintain backup policies and compliance requirements with customizable oversight across all client backups.

Centralize backup monitoring and reporting

Build trust with your clients by meeting and exceeding compliance standards and data backup policies. By aggregating your entire backup application stack, Backup Radar becomes your single source of truth, keeping an eagle-eye over your client backup environments.

Spot unknown risks before they’re data loss threats

Pinpoint backup issues other dashboards might miss. Get fresh insights into the health of your clients’ backups with holistic views, consolidated ticketing, and “No Results” monitoring. In just a few clicks you can generate backup status reports to show backups are compliant with data backup policies.

Upfront Investment Results In Long Term Payoff

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Escape the reactive loop,
get proactive in remediation

Clients expect you to have their critical data when it is needed, but simply reacting isn’t enough. Start proactively looking for backup trends across your environment with status audits. Notice a backup that’s regularly incomplete? Zoom in and fix the issue — before it becomes a problem.

Meet and exceed high compliance standards

Increased backup monitoring standards are only the start — you also need to demonstrate the value of that work. Backup Radar makes it easy to show clients how you go the extra mile to exceed compliance standards with white-label reports that show backup status health and remediation efforts.