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Find Out What Your Data Protection Solution Isn’t Telling You

With backup monitoring, you’re only as good as your tools, and you can’t fix what you can’t see. No results monitoring identifies the gaps in your backup process where backups are hung or stalled — the ones that don’t trigger a “Success” or “Failure” notification.

Many MSPs are overconfident in their backup monitoring tools without realizing there are gaps in the process. These gaps can lead to catastrophic data loss before you ever know there’s a problem.

The result: lost data, lost clients, possible litigation, and a hit to your reputation.

So how can you protect your data — and your business — against these risks?

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Today’s Top Story: Backup Radar

Improve backup automation and reporting with software that customizes to your MSP’s workflow. Backup Radar makes data monitoring more accurate, efficient, and transparent. It takes the time-consuming tasks of managing client backups and automates the process.

Backup Radar’s key features include:

Cognition360 targets

A Centralized Dashboard
View all of your backup data in one place

No Results Monitoring
Identify backups that get hung or stalled and don’t trigger a “Failure” or “Success” notification

Automatic “Intelligent” Ticketing
Open, auto-append, and close tickets

300+ Backup Application Integrations
Compatible with 300+ apps for convenient automated backups of all data and assets

Scheduled Reports
Keep your clients engaged with daily, weekly, or monthly reports

With automated backup protection, you can standardize how your MSP delivers backup management across multiple clients and vendors. The centralized dashboard provides insights into backup successes, warnings, failures, and no results in one convenient place — no more missing out on critical news! And, by reducing manual backup monitoring from hours to minutes, your engineers can focus on more high-leverage initiatives.
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You Need to Test and Verify Backups Regularly

“The thing that keeps me up at night, aside from cyber security: backups. Let’s take this back. You have a cyber event, and you’ve lost your data. How are you going to get that back? Where’s your reputational risk? It all ties together, but I could not imagine not offering backups.

How many MSPs are checking those backups? It’s not enough just to say you’re offering backups. Are you actually checking those backups? Are you verifying the data? Are you pulling and restoring to do those tests? And are you showing that to your customers?”

Carrie Green
SVP of Operations, Alt-Tech Inc.

Ready to see if there are gaps in your backup monitoring process?

Download our checklist to perform a self-audit.

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Check out our 2-minute demo for a deep dive into how you can use automated backup features to elevate your data monitoring process.


Why should I use Backup Radar?

Backup Radar automates your organization’s backup monitoring and data protection processes, removing the burden of performing these time-intensive tasks manually. This saves your team time and helps protect against backup failures caused by human error.

What is No Results monitoring? And how does it work?

No Results monitoring alerts your organization to backups that get hung or stalled — the ones that don’t trigger a “success” or “failure” notification. With other backup tools, these gaps can go under the radar and cause significant vulnerabilities without you ever knowing there is a problem. Backup Radar will alert you to backups that are not completed, so you can identify gaps in your process and address them accordingly.

What software does Backup Radar integrate with?

Backup Radar integrates with over 300 applications, so you can rest assured knowing all of your data (and your clients’ data) is backed up and stored securely. See the full list of integrations here.

Where are your cloud servers based?

Our cloud services are based in Microsoft Azure and are Geo-Redundant. These data centers have been audited to SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 standards and meet PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA requirements. For more information, click here.

What type of uptime does Backup Radar provide?

Backup Radar was designed for 99.999% service availability with geo-redundant storage and databases on the Azure platform. Since its inception, we have never had an outage lasting more than 30 minutes.