Warranty Management

Warranties: an essential part of any MSP business

From lookups and tracking to selling and servicing, warranties can be a time-sink. We’ve streamlined every step of the process so they don’t have to be.

Access all warranty information with ease

Manual warranty lookups aren’t the best use of your tech’s valuable time. Keeping tabs on different vendors, copy and pasting, and manually keying in details should be a thing of the past. Now you can give your technicians their time back with simple, automated warranty lookups.

Reduce asset risk for your clients

Nobody needs to find out an asset is out of warranty the moment you need it. Avoid risk and keep your clients as safe as possible with intelligent warranty tracking. Stay up-to-date on the asset lifecycle with automated warranty monitoring and risk evaluation in the Lifecycle Manager dashboard.

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Be proactive when planning with clients

Don’t get stuck in the break-fix loop when it comes to your clients’ service. Instead, prevent issues for your clients by keeping warranties updated. Skip the creative fixes and start working with your clients to create strategic, proactive plans for the future.

Create a plan for future warranty renewals

Use Roadmaps to collaborate with clients on long term warranty renewal planning. Break down which warranties need to be renewed and total cost by quarter. This lets clients budget for warranties and the inevitable upgrade in the future.

A revenue stream your MSP needs

Stopped selling warranties because OEMS make procurement a hassle? Aside from the risk to your clients — you’re leaving money on the table. Now you can quickly and easily procure trusted warranties through ScalePad Warranty Services. With built-in automated workflows, a few clicks can turn into a new stream of revenue.

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