ScalePad’s Automation Solution Handbook
Discover why MSPs consider Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar as the most valuable apps in their stack. 
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Quarterly Business Reviews

Decrease preparation time, increase client engagement

Whether quarterly, monthly, or yearly, you can have better business reviews by using Lifecycle Manager before, during and after client meetings with features for automated QBR prep. 

Visibility leads to strategy

With greater visibility into your clients' IT environment, you’ll see the real issues before heading into a QBR meeting. With Scorecards and DMI, you can show clients an unbiased overview of their environment and how to improve it. Now you can discuss strategies — rather than simply reading off reports.

Planning for the future

Strategic MSPs look past time-sensitive fixes and towards future IT infrastructure upgrades. Identify risks that need attention now and in the next quarter with Roadmaps and Insights. Use your QBR meetings to discuss plans to address current and future needs before they become challenges. 

How TransformITive Revitalized Its QBRs With ScalePad

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Visualize the data to quickly identify solutions

MSPs have plenty of data on the environments they manage. Lifecycle Manager’s client-friendly asset reports and data-based Scorecards help you see where vulnerabilities may exist in an IT environment. Get the breakdown on age and warranty status alongside recommendations for solutions and projected costs to address outstanding issues.

Move faster to deliver on promises

After discussing the next steps, it’s time to deliver. Follow-ups on tasks using Action Items to turn ideas into tickets in your ConnectWise PSA. Avoid delays with templated Initiatives to help you quickly send your clients all the information they need to proceed with simple projects. Build and collaborate on Roadmaps to outline a project schedule up to five years in advance.

Mastering the QBR Process

Mastering the QBR Process

To get the most out of your QBRs, you need to be thinking in a strategic way. Learn more about how to evaluate and set goals, how to prepare for the QBR meeting, what goes into a QBR presentation, and the types of communication habits you need to establish. 
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