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From Asset Management to

Client Engagement

Welcome to the new Lifecycle Manager: the first client engagement platform for MSPs.

Why client engagement?

We believe that when everyone understands, everyone wins. With a focus on client engagement, MSPs can strengthen the stability of their business, build trust, and accelerate long-term success for themselves and the people they serve.

Client engagement can be practical, tangible, and accessible for MSPs. With Lifecycle Manager, our partners have the tools to elevate meetings and conversations with value their clients can see — through color-coded reports and visual scorecards.

With Lifecycle Manager, MSPs of all sizes can stand out from their competitors and deliver exceptionally excellent — and exceptionally human — client care.

Starting June 18th, Lifecycle Manager begins the next chapter: new features, a new interface, and a new direction in client engagement.

What's New


After June 18th, you will see a new dashboard when you log in to Lifecycle Manager. In this update, we’ve simplified the menu options for easier access to client engagement features.

We’ve also reorganized the display of the client page, prioritizing features that focus on client interactions so our Partners have at-a-glance awareness at the client level.

Along with overhauling the client page, we've redesigned the interface to prioritize client-level tasks.

New Features

Action Items

In the client view of Lifecycle Manager, Partners can create and manage tasks using Action Items, which integrates with ConnectWise Manage to turn these action items into PSA tickets.

Delight your clients with accurate and timely task follow-up using Action Items.

Alongside Action Items, Partners can type and organize meeting notes into a date-tracked note box.

Stay organized by logging post-meeting notes in a centralized client activity dashboard.
Account Team & Key Contacts

Another addition to the client view is an area to set contact details for the corresponding client, including names, roles, and email addresses.

Here's where you can add, edit, and access key contact details on the fly.

Updated Features


We’ve added filter controls to allow Partners to customize the level of detail included in their Roadmap PDFs, giving them more flexibility to personalize communication with clients.

We’ve also removed multi-quarter scheduling and added the ability to plot out projects on Roadmaps for up to five years in advance. This gives our Partners more flexibility and ease of using Lifecycle Manager to plan strategically for their clients.


We’ve added an account-wide view of all Initiatives for all clients to give Partners a visual overview of projects in their pipeline.

Also, we’ve added the ability for Initiatives to be downloaded as PDFs, making it easy to create and send proposals to clients in a few clicks.

Roadmaps + Initiatives

We’ve added Initiatives to the Roadmaps tab to simplify the workflow for managing Roadmaps according to client needs, budget considerations, and changing priorities.

What Stays the Same


No features were harmed in the development of our new direction! Lifecycle Manager continues to integrate with your tech stack to provide timely, accurate technology data to manage, monitor, and communicate for your clients.

Warranties, IT Asset Disposal, Workstation Assurance

The ScalePad Marketplace continues to provide streamlined convenience for our Partners who are committed to expert delivery of services for their clients.

Partner Support

We are here to provide education, one-to-one support, and Community to help our Partners confidently use Lifecycle Manager and generate meaningful value from their efforts.

Why now?

The demands on IT services are growing increasingly complex. The more challenging technology environments become, the harder for MSPs to maintain clear communication and connection with clients who need future-friendly services to succeed.

Having client engagement at the heart of an MSP’s operations enables expansive conversations, strategic planning, and mutual respect that keeps everyone moving forward.

Asset management, which Lifecycle Manager is known for and will continue to deliver on, is an essential chapter of the MSP adventure. But it’s not the whole story.

We’ve worked hard to bring new enhancements and features to Lifecycle Manager that give MSPs an intuitive feature set for delivering elevated client experiences. We hope you’ll agree: at the end of the day, it’s about people helping people. It’s time to put the client at the center of our work as MSPs.

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