ScalePad + ConnectWise

Manage and monitor your IT operations with ConnectWise and ScalePad

Automate, scale, and securely manage your MSP business with API integrations to Lifecycle Manager and Backup Radar.

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Lifecycle Manager plays nice with ConnectWise with a two-way sync

Why integrate ConnectWise into Lifecycle Manager?

Lifecycle Manager leverages data in ConnectWise PSA (ConnectWise Manage), ConnectWise RMM, and ConnectWise Automate to automatically surface critical asset insights and measure the health of your clients’ infrastructure. Access your data from within Lifecycle Manager to monitor assets and warranties, generate reports, and help your clients understand their IT infrastructure better.

How Lifecycle Manager works with ConnectWise

Lifecycle Manager is easy to integrate with ConnectWise products through the in-app integration features. Create a new user in ConnectWise and use the Hands-Free Plugin Integration tool within the app to get started. Entering ConnectWise credentials into Lifecycle Manager completes the set up and lets you begin managing data.

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Work in ConnectWise Manage without drowning in backup tickets

Automate your workflow

Backup Radar connects directly with ConnectWise PSA (ConnectWise Manage). This helps MSPs fully automate their backup ticketing workflow across all backup products, saving time and money while reducing human error.

Customize your ticket profiles

Flexible ticketing profiles can create tickets in the appropriate queue with the proper status, priority, type, subtype, item, and source. Our intelligent ticketing system can alert on failure by creating the ticket immediately to ensure any high priority backups do not get missed in your Manage workflow, while ensuring you only see what’s important. Everything you need, and only what you need.

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Drill into a goldmine of insights from ConnectWise data with interactive reports

Use your ConnectWise ticket data

Cognition360 stores ConnectWise PSA (ConnectWise Manage) data in the only data warehouse star schema specifically optimized for ConnectWise. This allows for the accumulation of historical data, even when ConnectWise doesn’t store that information.

The results? Cognition360 delivers you blazing-fast analytical reporting on everything from profitability and client satisfaction to technician efficiency and capacity planning.

Over 130 powerful interactive reports

Right out of the box, Cognition360 transforms ConnectWise data into over 130 reports. Each one allows you to drill down into the original data point (ticket) to see what’s going on. This data is complemented by machine learning and predictive AI analytics to give you a look into the ‘what if’s’ of your business.

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