Warranty Services

From lookup to service request, we make warranties simple

Be confident that your clients’ assets are covered. Save time by automating warranty lookups and simplifying procurement.

Automated and accurate warranty lookups

Lifecycle Manager automatically gathers accurate warranty information for your client’s devices across 40+ OEM vendors. The dashboard makes it easy to sort and filter warranty information and see assets near the end of their coverage and out of coverage. Sound familiar? It's where we started, back when Lifecycle Manager was known as Warranty Master.

Generate new revenue with warranties

With ScalePad Warranty Services, MSPs have access to warranty coverage that’s more affordable and accessible than coverage from OEMs. ScalePad’s customizable markup function lets MSPs be flexible with rates for clients and have more control over the revenue generated. Create quotes and buy warranties or renewals right from the dashboard with a few simple clicks.

Using Lifecycle Manager to propose extending warranties is a slam dunk. It’s so easy for our clients to see and understand what they need to do. I don’t think we’ve lost a warranty renewal opportunity we’ve pitched simply because it’s a better warranty for less money.
Brendan Cosgrove
COO, TeamLogicIT
Lifecycle Manager is great because it’s lightning-quick. We get warranty quotes in 15 seconds and procure them in 5 more. The 1-click warranty renewals don’t give us any reason to go to another source.
Darcy Dueck
Technical Account Manager, LAN Solutions Corp.

ScalePad Warranty Services on-demand

Request or schedule services from our 24/7 global response team of more than 23,000 technicians in 154 countries. Quick response times get your clients what they need as soon as possible to minimize downtime. And it only takes a few clicks in the app to get ScalePad Warranty Services trucks rolling.

Warranty Insights

High-risk assets that are out of warranty are brought to your attention under the Insights panel. Use the Forecast tool to look for devices that will need a new warranty soon.

Warranty Initiatives

Quickly communicate the need for warranty renewal with your clients by setting up an Initiative. Use the pre-formatted templates to save time, add your markup percentage and send it off.

Warranty Procurement

Did your client approve a warranty Initiative? Great! All you need to do is checkout — which is already conveniently located in the Initiative you created. No more getting the run-around from OEMs.