All the tools you need to manage the IT asset lifecycle

From clean data and intelligent reports to the unbiased score you never knew you needed.
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Insights reveal key opportunities

Lifecycle Manager Insights identifies asset risks for you.


Automatically check asset status against industry standards to reveal risks.

Personalized Insights

Set your own standards for asset status to fine-tune how you run your MSP.

Trending Insights

Identify 30-day trends at a glance to find trouble spots.

Forecasting Insights

Get a 30, 60, 90, or 120-day forecast of potential issues so you can plan proactively.
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The Digital Maturity Index™

Like a credit score for tech, DMI™ objectively rates your clients’ IT infrastructure. It provides a current and trending state of their environment based on data within Lifecycle Manager.
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Scorecards grade your clients’ IT health and risks

See which assets and areas are at risk and which are in good health with Scorecards. Create and share data-based scorecards to show your clients every vulnerability and opportunity that exists in your clients’ IT environment.
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Initiatives automates the proposal drafting workflow

Set projects in motion with just a few clicks. Initiatives templates the proposal process and provides background information and the problem at hand, so all you need to do is add the budget.
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Why Alvarez Technology Group Puts Client Security First

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Roadmaps outline project timelines

Create both short and long-term plans for Initiatives with Roadmaps. Place Initiatives into a quarterly schedule to easily create project timelines and budget forecasts.
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Generate client-ready reports

Designed to talk tech for people who don’t, Lifecycle Manager reports provide critical information in a way that’s easy to understand.

Hardware Lifecycle Report

Client-ready and info-packed, these reports give your client the overview and nitty gritty details on all hardware assets in their environment.

Software Summary Report

Spot outdated OSs and gaps in security with this client-ready report. Color coding makes it easy to spot risks at a glance.

Client Summary Report

Get a 30,000ft view at every asset under your MSPs management so you can easily spot clients with more room for improvement.
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Accurate, consolidated, and deduplicated data

Lifecycle Manager gathers all your hardware, software, and warranty data from your RMM, PSA and more. It’s clean, up-to-date and syncs two ways to keep everything running smoothly.
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Automate and simplify the warranty process

What started with automated warranty lookups (Warranty Master) has even more to offer for warranty services.

Warranty Lookups

Automatically pull and consolidate warranty data from 40+ OEMs.

Warranty Procurement

Quick and convenient quoting and procurement. Plus, you set the markup margins.

Warranty Services

Request or schedule services from our global response team to keep clients up and running.

API integration with your RMM and PSA systems

Connect your RMM in minutes and start seeing real-time data today.
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