Tools to assess, inform, and manage clients and their technology

From onboarding to ongoing maintenance, get easy-to-use tools for the client lifecycle.

What MSPs and vCIOs need for client management

Get into the flow of the client lifecycle with tools for assessments, reports and budgets, maintaining infrastructure, and validating your hard work.

Assess Clients’ Technology and IT

Client Risk Assessments

Get customizable templates for assessing clients’ IT status and identifying risks to show where your MSP can add value.
• Present results with a client-facing view
• Compare alignment to your stack or industry standards
• Track your progress over time


Automatically gather the data you need to analyze the infrastructure of new and existing clients. See all integrations.
• Multiple PSA integrations
• Documentation tools
• Security awareness and CSAT tools

Report and Budget

Custom QBR Report Builder

Reports made in minutes — not hours? Yep. Gather data on assets, users, contracts, and projects to create detailed assessments for clients.
• Select components your clients need to see
• Create your own template
• Deliver content in presentation mode or as a PDF

Total Cost of Ownership Budget Forecast

Forecast budgets for projects now, and in the future. Preparing clients for pricey upgrades reduces resistance when the time comes.

Business Review Scheduler

Every client deserves a business review, whether it’s quarterly, monthly, or just once a year. Use the in-app calendar to plan your reviews to fit the needs of your clients.
• Schedule meetings
• Coordinate with your team with the calendar

Maintain and Improve

Projects and Recommendations

Start projects off on the right foot with a flexible, yet detailed project roadmap linked to your assessments. This sets expectations and justification for the budget.

Hardware Lifecycle Management

Consolidate asset and user data to create an overview of your clients’ infrastructure that highlights risks to address.

Contract Management

Track all key IT-related services as easily as you track hardware so you can proactively make recommendations.

Validate Progress

Comparison Assessment

Show clients the impact of improvements by comparing against historical data. This powerful visual ensures clients see the return on their investment and look forward your next review.

Cross-client Analytics

Compare the impact of your work across your client base. Identify common areas of risk to inform where your company can focus on making an impact across all clients.

Customer Success Module

Connect with clients on a deeper level by expanding on the vCIO tools.

Client Segmentation
Segment clients based on effort and contract value. Identify clients that eat up the most of your time, but provide the least value. Or the best ones: low effort, high value.
Client Health
Get detailed visibility into the health of your clients. Understand which ones are at risk of canceling your services and take action to retain them.
Tech Alignmet
Identify clients that aren’t using your recommended tech. Prioritizing them for upgrades to increase their contract value with you.

Get Started with Lifecycle Insights

All the reporting a vCIO needs and more.
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