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Assess, impress, and successfully retain your clients

Start with the vCIO package, then upgrade to customer success.

vCIO Packages

For MSPs ready to deliver QBRs clients deserve.
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vCIO Basic  vCIO Professional vCIO Premium vCIO Enterprise
Monthly Rate* $95 $195 $445 Talk to Sales
Max Number of Active Clients 5 25 100 200+
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Assets
Asset Lifecycle Management
Budget Forecasts
Custom QBR Reporting
Cross-Client Analytics
Full Assessment Package
Onboarding Support
One-time activation fee of $495

Customer Success Add-on

Upgrade your vCIO package to better serve your customers.
  Most Popular    
Success Basic Success Professional Success Premium Success Enterprise
Monthly Rate* + $75 + $175 + $375 Talk to Sales
Max Number of Active Clients 5 25 100 200+
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Assets
Customer Service Dashboard
Customizable Stack Alignment by Service
Stack Alignment Across All Clients
Client Segmentation
Client Health
More price increments available, talk to sales for more details.
*All prices are in USD and rounded to the nearest dollar. Price does not include cost of required vCIO package.

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Lifecycle Insights FAQ

Get quick answers on pricing, activation and other common questions. For everything else, contact sales or visit our support page.

What is an “active client”?
Based on your subscription, you can select a certain number of clients to use the vCIO toolset with - these are known as active clients. All features in the vCIO subscription are available for use with these clients.
Can I change the active clients during my term?

Yes, you can. But beware, if you deactivate an active client, ALL their vCIO data will be deleted. Before deactivating any clients, be completely sure you want to delete the data. It’s also possible to upgrade to a bigger plan to increase the number of active clients in your account.

Are assessments only available for active clients?

No, you have access to assessments for all clients.

Can I purchase the Customer Success module as a standalone product?

Unfortunately, no. The Customer Success module is only available as an add-on to the vCIO package.

How many clients (and their data) are synced from my primary integration?

All your client data will be synced in when you integrate. You can choose which clients to make active once the data sync is complete.

What’s a primary integration versus a secondary integration?

A primary integration is your source of truth - the system where you have your best data and where your engineers live. Depending on your MSP, this may be your documentation (IT Glue or Hudu), or your PSA (ConnectwisePSA, Datto Autotask, HaloPSA, or Synchro). If you’re unsure, we can help you decide while you onboard! It has the core data on your clients contracts, users, assets, and more. A secondary integration provides supplemental data such as a Microsoft Secure Score, CSAT data, and more. Check out our full list of integrations here.

Can we change our primary integration in the future?

Yes! It’s easy to do, but we do ask you to message support before you change over as your data will be deleted. Our support team will help to get you into a sandbox so we can make sure that data has integrated correctly.

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