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Client Engagement Tools

Flip the script on client engagement

Easily assess your clients' risk, generate reports for meaningful conversations, and plan their budgets.

A client engagement powerhouse

Lifecycle Insights brings together assets, assessments, and reports to provide a clear view of your clients’ technology and business goals.


Automatically import and update your clients’ assets from your PSA or RMM. Or manually add or edit assets as needed.


Conduct regular assessments for your clients based on their specific needs. Use pre-built templates or create your own to measure their alignment, compliance, risk, or standards.


Generate executive-friendly reports in minutes, saving you time and impressing your clients. Project roadmaps, budget forecasts, and comparison assessments keep clients in the loop and show the value of your work.

Talk to your clients about risks, big or small

Client risk assessments identify and prioritize the risks that affect your clients’ technology. Our risk scoring system ranks assets and assessments based on the level of risk and urgency. You can also create policies for warranty and asset replacement, which will improve your clients’ technology and enable you to forecast their budget.

No more lackluster QBRs

Prepare and present your QBRs with confidence and ease. Use our QBR and report templates, or customize your own to showcase your clients’ alignment, compliance, risk, or standards. Keep your value top of mind with comparison assessments for performance and security.

Show IT budgets who’s boss

Help clients plan budgets and optimize spending. Give them the big picture with the total cost of ownership for operating their assets. Forecast future expenses with tools to project expenses for upgrades, replacements, and additional assets based on their goals and long-term plans.

The ultimate client engagement tool for MSPs

Give your team the ability to speak with your clients and think strategically.

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