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Client Management

See client management in a new light

View your clients, their environments, and your relationship with them from every angle to get the most out of every contract and project.

Manage your clients’ projects and risks

Elevate client satisfaction, health, and tech stack alignment with Lifecycle Insights. Gain greater visibility into client health so you can change the relationship before it goes sour.

Contract Management

Track your contracts with clients, including the expiry dates for key IT related services. Start engaging with clients before a contract ends and make timely recommendations for newer vCIO services to expand your business.

Project Management

Avoid risks by creating IT projects with full budgets and requiring clients to mark ‘approved’ before moving forward. Forecasted budgets ensure everyone is aware of the scope from the beginning — no more retroactively justifying costs.

Customer Success

Evaluate your client satisfaction and gain visibility into problem clients before they cancel contracts and services. Address real concerns in a timely fashion, and see where your clients are the happiest with your service, and where it could improve.

A clear view of vCIO services

Keep track of all your contracts and projects. Know what vCIO services you are providing, how much you’re charging, and how well you are delivering on these services. Gain insight into performance, track progress, and ensure client satisfaction is your top priority.

Get inside the mind of your clients

Evaluate client satisfaction with the customer success module. This gives you visibility into your clients before problems cause them to look at your competitors. Identify concerns and bring resolutions to the table so everyone can get back to business.

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