Backup Radar ScalePad Integration

Backup Radar ScalePad Integration

Unlock Hidden Insights in Your Stack

ScalePad integrates seamlessly with Backup Radar, an agentless backup monitoring tool that provides complete visibility of all failed and compromised client device backups.

Get even more insights into client asset lifecycle management

Integrating Backup Radar into ScalePad provides MSPs with further insights that complete the asset lifecycle management picture. All it takes is an API key and a quick sync to surface hardware assets with or without a configured backup in Backup Radar. 

Put device backup risks on your radar

ScalePad supercharges Backup Radar’s ‘no results monitoring’ functionality. This integration automatically audits your Backup Radar configurations to identify potential backup coverage gaps. 

After connecting your API, you will immediately receive a full breakdown of all client devices with configured or unconfigured backups. This functionality works across all managed tenants, providing an unrivaled look at the risk in your clients’ environments. 

What can you do with it?

  1. Create a list of assets without configured backups that your team needs to check  
  2. Check assets requiring a backup are configured and active in Backup Radar
  3. Identify why each asset doesn’t have a configured backup in Backup Radar

The Backup Radar-ScalePad integration surfaces unseen risks in your clients’ environments, including assets without configured backups, aging devices, and other risk factors.

Start seeing everything you’re missing.